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Printing, Die-Cutting, Folding and Gluing Services

Over the past two decades, Atlantic Printing and Graphics has grown from a small commercial printing company to a state of the art document, packaging and label manufacturer with capabilities in offset, flexographic, and digital technologies.

Located in our original location in Tabor City, North Carolina, and with our 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 100,000 square foot distribution warehouse, Atlantic Printing and Graphics is positioned to implement comprehensive programs of multiple printed components of your process.

Focusing on multi–color folded cartons, on-product advertising, and pressure sensitive labels for retail products, Atlantic has the unique diversity to offer printed items from your marketing department to your production process all within one network of our manufacturing and quality oversight.

Our new manufacturing floor, completed in 2011, offers efficiencies of production flow, control of quality, and the integration of multiple technologies under one roof. We offer six color offset with coating and up to twelve color in flexo for long run high volume needs including the capability to run unsupported films for shrink sleeves and bands.

For high quality short run or quick turnaround needs our new HP 6000 digital label and film press can handle a wide range of SKU’s and substrates without the delays of plate making and longer approvals.

Atlantic inventories sizeable raw materials and has in-house sheeting capabilities for rapid response to papers and boards for folded cartons and other requirements.

We are positioned for high performance, fast turnaround, and outstanding quality with our printing & packaging supplies and services.  You can count on us to meet your high standards!  Contact our experts today to see how we can help: 1-800-722-5841

Learn more: Overview of Atlantic Printing and Graphics

Overview of Atlantic Printing and Graphics

The Printing and Graphics Division at Atlantic Packaging is experiencing a great deal of growth and we are excited about being able to provide this entire level of product and service to our customers, both existing and new.  Combined with our packaging supplies and services, our printing and graphics services makes Atlantic a single source for your retail label and packaging needs.

With our Printing and Graphics division, Atlantic has the ability to take a product from the point of manufacture all the way to the retail shelf.  We can be there with you during product development to help provide insight as to graphics, labeling, packaging, and delivery in terms of materials, cost, timelines, and overall production.  We can help our clients make informed decisions about the entire life cycle of the product, right from the start.

We hope you’ll take a minute to watch this overview of Atlantic Printing and Graphics, meet some of our employees, hear their stories, and learn about the advantages you’ll gain by choosing Atlantic.  Call us today to learn more: 800-722-5841

Flexo Printing & Shrink Sleeves for Packaging

Flexo Printing (or flexography) is a process often used for creating food packaging labels. It can also be used for printing on a variety of materials, including plastic and cellophane, for many applications.

Atlantic Packaging offers a versatile flexo printing service. We have 5 flexo presses that can accommodate 13 color printing up to 22″ wide. We can also offer slitting and seaming to provide a comprehensive printing and packaging service ideal for any food packaging and labeling needs.

Flexo Printing services at Atlantic include in-house platemaking to accommodate logos, graphics, and fonts and to help reduce costs for our clients. Keeping this service in-house also helps maintain tighter quality control and color consistency. Our flexo presses use UV inks and, as we mentioned earlier, can produce up to 13-color printing jobs.

Atlantic Packaging offers the distinct advantage of bundling our in-house Flexo Printing with packaging services including shrink sleeve wrappers, often used in food packaging and labeling. Make us your one-stop resource for commercial printing, labeling, and packaging products and services.

Contact the experts at Atlantic Packaging today to learn how you can benefit from the Atlantic Advantage! 1-800-722-5841

Atlantic Printing and Graphics Quality Control Process

Our interview with Terie Syme, Director of Operations for Atlantic Printing and Graphics, reveals the Atlantic Advantage when you choose us for your printing and packaging needs across the board.

We understand that our customers are protective of their brand identity which is exactly why our Printing and Graphics division offers such an important value. Not only do we offer a variety of printing processes, including Digital Printing, Flexo Printing, and Offset Printing, but we also print on materials as diverse as films, pressure sensitive material, cartons, and 60 lb stock.

Our QC process ensures that a customer’s brand will remain consistent between promotional and packaged materials through any kind of printing process. Labels, cartons, and folded inserts will have a uniformity of color and brand identity throughout. We employ stringent testing across all materials to make sure the customer is getting the same look regardless of the variety of printing processes and substrates.

Using Atlantic Printing and Graphics for your complete commercial printing needs results in consistency across the board – and that is a value worthy of your investment.

Contact us today to learn more: 1-800-722-5841