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Fishbone Market Advantages | Whitney Wheaton

Fishbone Market Advantages | Whitney Wheaton

Fishbone Sustainable Carriers are great for the environment and your brand! Whitney Wheaton at Atlantic Printing & Graphics discusses this in the video above. Fishbone Carriers are 100% curbside recyclable and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic rings or carriers. They can also be custom printed to showcase any business’ unique branding. These market advantages are good for the environment and allow customers to carry their beverages in style!

Atlantic’s focus on innovation and technology has made us a market leader for customers requiring sustainable packaging options, packaging equipment, high performance materials, warehousing, and distribution. Atlantic delivers these solutions daily to our customers in North and Central America.

Fishbone carriers are available for standard cans, slim/sleek cans, and Alumi-Tek bottles in both 4-pack and 6-pack formats and are sealed with a recyclable, water-based barrier coating for moisture resistance. Fishbone can carriers come in a variety of options designed to complement any brand and to communicate the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Custom printing and graphics are also an option for unique branding opportunities on the carrier. The comprehensive Fishbone system also features semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment engineered specifically to apply the Fishbone carriers to a 6-pack of 12 oz cans and to a 4-pack of either 12 oz or 16 oz cans.

Stories of Change – Panoramic Doors

Stories of Change – Panoramic Doors

Panoramic Doors has created a unique folding patio door with their patented Slide-n-Pivot hinge-free panel design for easier operation. Their signature product is an innovative mix of a sliding patio door and a folding panel door, custom made and offering a highly desirable solution for transitioning from indoors to outdoors.

The Challenge

Because Panoramic Doors’ panels are large and heavy but also fragile, they pose a real challenge when it comes to shipping them efficiently and effectively. The aesthetics of the panels are a critical factor when it comes to the final, installed product. Any damage to the panels or the glass during transit could instantly affect all the hard work and customization that went into the planning, production, and care in making the product.

Shipping Damage

Even though Panoramic Doors was shipping their panels in large wooden crates using foam as added protective packaging, they were still experiencing shipping damage. This was a major challenge for Panoramic Doors because damaged product has serious implications on cost, labor, waste, and brand reputation.

In working with Justin Bair at Atlantic Packaging, they expressed their concern about shipping damage and were open to changing up their packaging completely.

Custom Packaging – Can One Size Fit All?

One of the challenges we faced in coming up with a new packaging design – in addition to the fact that the panels are large, heavy, and fragile – is that they are also custom made for each order so each box needs to be custom for that size.

Justin worked with Atlantic’s in-house packaging engineers who came up with a fully corrugated package design. This design accounts for the custom sizing by using a telescoping box. This streamlines the packaging by eliminating SKUs so Panoramic Doors only has to buy one size box that fits every one of their products.

Unexpected Benefits!

In switching to a fully corrugate package, Panoramic Doors vastly improved their packaging aesthetics. They moved from a heavy wooden crate to a simple brown box that’s clean, neat, and is even branded with their logo. This helps to improve their own brand reputation while improving the customer experience of receiving the package

Another advantage to changing to all corrugate is that their packaging is fully curbside recyclable. This is a major win for sustainability and another win for the customer experience.

We were honored to work with Panoramic Doors on this packaging challenge. We’re especially honored to know that their story of change has been a big success, not only in their original goal of eliminating shipping damage, but also in meeting sustainability goals and in improving their customer experience.


America Recycles Day 2021 – Wishcycling

America Recycles Day 2021 – Wishcycling

Celebrating America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recognize the importance and impact of recycling. While we still have a lot of work to do in our country to improve the recycling infrastructure and to educate citizens on best practices, the EPA reports that the recycling rate has increased from less than 7% in 1960 to the current rate of 32%. That is both exciting and encouraging!

This is a day to remind ourselves and others that recycling is important, that it makes a real difference, and to encourage proper recycling practices. Let’s check in on these and explore the concept of wishcycling while we’re at it.

You can always check the EPA website for an up-to-date land comprehensive resource about recycling, including all the great benefits it brings and how to contribute.

What Is Wishcycling?

Have you ever put something in the recycling bin because you’re not sure if it can be recycled, and you’re hoping maybe someone will be able to sort it and recycle it? That’s wishcycling. We want to do the right thing by recycling, so we put items we’re not sure about in that blue bin.

So why is wishcycling a problem?

Having non-recyclable items in the waste stream is really challenging for material recovery facilities, or MRFs, which is where our single-stream recycling goes to be sorted.

First, non-recyclable materials like plastic bags and film can clog up the sortation machinery. It can even bring the whole MRF operation to a halt!

Second, some of those non-recyclable materials like oxygen canisters or broken furniture can be really dangerous to people working in MRFs.

Lastly, anything that isn’t recyclable that a MRF has to remove has to be thrown away. This can negatively affect the profitability of the recycling process, and we want recycling to be profitable.  When recycling is profitable, we all benefit.  Profitable recycling operations provides economic benefits in terms of jobs, wages, and tax revenue.  More resources can then be poured back into improving recycling systems, growing operations, and educating citizens on proper recycling practices.

How do we address wishcycling?

As consumers, it’s pretty easy. If you aren’t sure of an item’s recyclability, throw it away. Even better, learn more about what your city does and does not recycle. As businesses, we need to use easier-to-recycle materials to package our products. That’s something Atlantic is working on this America Recycles Day, and every day.

Learn more about Atlantic’s Sustainability Program here.

Social Impact Heroes – Wes Carter

Social Impact Heroes – Wes Carter

Social Impact Heroes is a site dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of great people who are using their gifts to help impact society and the planet.

They recently interviewed Atlantic President, Wes Carter, as part of their series about individuals and organizations making an important social impact. As a lifelong surfer, outdoorsman, and business leader, Wes launched A New Earth Project in early 2021 with the goal of connecting the professional surfing community, who are advocates for clean water and environmental causes, with the packaging supply chain who can enact change.

The mission of A New Earth Project is to rid the world’s oceans of plastic pollution.

This in-depth interview unveils Wes’s “Aha Moment” and how he was able to identify his passion, connect with that, and turn it into something much bigger.  It also reveals his most interesting stories since launching this project, the funniest mistakes he’s made, and the steps he’s taken to get it all started.  And Wes shares the 5 things he wishes someone told him when he first started A New Earth Project.  He even goes deep into contemplating the essence of happiness and how he was able to connect with true happiness in his life.

Thank you to Social Impact Heroes, Medium’s Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global for taking the time to sit down with Wes to create this beautiful and thoughtful piece. We’re all excited about the impact A New Earth Project can have in helping to shape the hearts, minds, and day-to-day practices of citizens and businesses around the world.

Read the full article here: Social Impact Heroes Helping Our Planet: Why & How Wes Carter of Atlantic Packaging Is Helping To Change Our World

Making Sustainability A Priority

Making Sustainability A Priority

 ~ Think Globally, Act Locally

The push for more awareness around sustainability and better practices to curb pollution is a global movement that requires real action at home.

The Greater Wilmington Business Journal recently profiled local businesses that are making sustainability a priority.  They interviewed Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging, and discussed all the ways our company is working to improve sustainability and to make a difference both locally and, ultimately, on a global level.

Atlantic started reporting carbon emissions through CDP, a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Over the past three years we’ve made progress on our journey, and in 2020, we were awarded a B- score. This represents a significant improvement over previous years and is much higher than our peer group. Our goal is to become an A-Rated Company.

On Earth Day 2021, Atlantic launched our Zero Waste Program which addresses our efforts to improve operational sustainability.  We’re installing solar panels at our facilities with the goal of using 50% renewable energy by 2023; we’re moving to electric vehicles with company cars, forklifts, and our trucking fleet; we’re installing energy-efficient lighting; and ultimately, we’re committed to being a zero-waste facility.

As the largest privately owned packaging company in North America, Atlantic is committed to bringing sustainable packaging products to market. We’re sourcing existing sustainable products that our customers can start using today and we’re seeking out innovative products as well as encouraging innovation among our vendor network. In addition, we’re strongly committed to the concept of optimization as a primary rule of sustainability.  Through high-performance materials, monitoring technology, and advanced engineering, we’re able to guide our customers in how to use measurably less materials while ensuring their products arrive to their destination without damage.

We’re so appreciative to the Greater Wilmington Business Journal for highlighting the importance of sustainability and for recognizing companies working to improve their impact at the local level.  Inevitably, this local work translates to greater awareness among citizens and that awareness leads to more concern, more activism, more pressure on companies and brands to do the right thing, and, ultimately, to the global impact we need to change the way we’re affecting the planet today.

Read the full article here: Businesses Make Sustainability A Priority

Learn more about the Atlantic Packaging Sustainability Program and contact us to see how we can help your company make a difference.

Atlantic Supplier Sustainability Summit 2021

Atlantic Supplier Sustainability Summit 2021

In May 2021, Atlantic hosted its inaugural Supplier Sustainability Summit.  This event was created to bring our manufacturing and supply partners together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainability in the packaging supply chain.

This meeting was a chance to talk about the global issue of plastic pollution, a growing problem that’s only getting worse and worse every year.

“We put over 9 million tons of plastic in the oceans every year,  And at the rate we are going, that number will triple by the year 2040.”


But we can start asking the right questions and taking steps to reverse this issue.  As members of the packaging supply chain, we can truly make a difference.

And we., the packaging supply chain, have the greatest opportunity to have the greatest impact.


During the Summit, we had a chance to share our passion for this issue and talk about what we’re doing as a company to start moving in the right direction (see our Sustainability Report for details).  We also brought in guest speakers to address different areas of impact, including planning and strategy, culture and leadership, solar energy, circular packaging, and, arguably most importantly, collaboration.

Collaboration was the central theme of this Summit. Our ability to affect change on the scale that will actually make a difference will take all of us working and moving together.  We are so grateful for all the suppliers who took part in this Summit.  It was incredibly encouraging to have the participation from so many companies who are ready to start making a change.

Learn more about Atlantic’s Sustainability Initiatives here.