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The WST is a fully automatic, pressure sensitive tape case sealer. It is a compact, versatile case sealer for top seal only or top and bottom seal.

The WST is heavy duty compliant to accommodate a variety of industries.  When your products require pressure sensitive case sealing, the WST is the perfect solution.  Providing quality case sealing equipment, Wexxar’s WST works hard to give you a fast, easy manufacturing experience.

Designed for speed and precision, the WST seals a wide range of case sizes with machine adjustments made in five minutes or less.  Enjoy features on this equipment that provide your cases with safe, effective sealing.  Not only will your products benefit from the WST, so will your production lines.  By keeping the intake and outflow of this machine in line with the rest of the line, aisles are kept free, safety is improved, and space is saved.  With a small footprint, using this equipment is easy and safe.

  • Heavy duty compliant side belt drive transport through the machine: gentle to the product yet powerful enough for the heaviest loads
  • Excellent accessibility for operation, setup and service with convenient centrally mounted electrical controls and adjustability from both sides
  • Interlocked safety guarding
  • Corrosion resistant finish throughout
  • Equipped with Dekka stainless steel 2″ tape heads (optionally available with 3″ tape heads)
  • Compact footprint
  • Seals a wide range of case sizes with machine adjustments made in 5 minutes or less
  • Compressed air requirements: 0.03 Cu. Ft. (1L) Per Cycle at 90 PSI (6 Bar) Supply LineMin 3/4 (20) I.D.
  • Electrical requirement: 1 Kilowatt, 3 Phase, Standard 230V
  • Maximum Infeed Conveyor Speed: 55 Feet per Minute (16.5 Meters per Minute). Minimum Take Away Conveyor Speed 90 Feet per Miunte (27.5 Meters per Minute). 60 Hz Operation.