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This easy to install, hands-free temperature scanner is fast and accurate so you can simplify and streamline your temperature screening process. It also allows you to opt for face mask detection, print a wearable label, and log secure results for contract tracing.


Easy to Install

Fast and Accurate

Requires Face Masks Upon Entry (Optional)

Prints a Wearable Label

Logs Results Electronically

Keeps Secure Records

Ability to Conduct Contact Tracing

Simplify and Streamline your Screening Process



Hosting – Annual

Hosting – Monthly

Zebra 300 DPI Printer

Zebra OnCare, Essential, Purchased within 30 days of Device 3 Years Comprehensive

2″ x 1″ DT Labels, PMS 375, 2,340 LPR, 6 RPC


All around the world, we are adapting to frequent temperature screenings and safety protocols designed to help keep us healthy.

As more businesses open their doors to employees and visitors, managers are looking for the most efficient and accurate way to conduct these screenings and oversee access into their buildings.

To help simplify this process, we have a hands-free temperature scanner that is fast, accurate, and keeps secure records.

The Scan-Post system eliminates the need for a dedicated employee taking temperatures and logging results. It also eliminates the need for community or individually managed logging systems.

With Scan-Post, your employees or visitors can move quickly through the screening process while maintaining a safe distance. The easy-to-install system will check temperatures, require face masks upon entry, print a wearable label, log results electronically, and will give you the ability to conduct contact tracing.

Simplify and streamline your screening process with Scan-Post today to help ensure the health and safety of all your employees and visitors.