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Rusty Carter Scholarship for CFCC, 2017


We encourage you to donate to the Rusty Carter Scholarship today in support of higher education for hardworking students.  See how your contribution makes a difference:

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In the comments section of the form, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship”

Meet Michelle, a scholarship recipient and full-time student in the Marine Technology Program at Cape Fear Community College:

Michelle graduated from college in Denver, CO with a double major, earning a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Spanish with a minor in Chemistry.  Even with this level of education, she struggled to find work.

Seeking a fresh start, Michelle made her way to Wilmington and discovered the Marine Technology Program at Cape Fear Community College, a program that united her love of biology and chemistry with her passion for marine conservation. In addition to those special qualities, this program is also engineered to give students the hands-on, experience-based training they need to successfully find employment upon graduation.

As an adult student going to school full-time, working a restaurant job in town, and about to embark on a new mission to find a job she loves, Michelle was faced with the challenges of how to make ends meet while juggling all these roles.  Because of her need, because of her passion and her drive, Michelle was a perfect candidate for the Rusty Carter Scholarship at CFCC.

This scholarship was set up by Atlantic’s senior managers in 2010 as a way to honor Rusty and support local students. The amount raised in our yearly fundraiser is donated to the scholarship in his name as a gift from the managers and employees.

Consider donating to support hardworking students and to honor Rusty’s spirit of generosity.

Donate Today

In the comments section, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship”

Or checks can be made payable to CFCC with“Atlantic Packaging Scholarship” in the memo line & sent to Mitzi Rodgers by December 9th.

Thank you for your contribution and your investment in students who seek to make a difference.