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Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Wipes, Gowns & Gloves

In the midst of this global pandemic, you need the safety procedures, equipment, and PPE that will help you to continue functioning as a productive business and that will keep your employees safe.

Atlantic is here for you.

We know these items have been hard to come by in the face of unprecedented demand. We’ve worked hard to secure a steady supply of these COVID-19 Safety and PPE items for existing and new customers nationwide.

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Hand Sanitizer

Disinfecting Wipes Kit

Antiseptic Towelettes

PPE Products

Face Mask

Personal, Protective Face Masks

Steady supply of face masks to protect your employees and your workplace environment.

KN95 Face Mask

Protective Face Masks

KN95 protective face masks for the safety of your employees and your workplace.

Individually Wrapped Face Masks

Disposable Face Masks

Individually wrapped face masks for added safety and protection.

Washable Face Mask

Washable, Breathable, and Reusable

 Soft 2-ply breathable & lightweight, washable non-medical-grade face mask. Wicks away moisture. Stretch to Fit

Made in USA Comfort Fit Face Masks

FDA Approved Face Masks, Made in the USA

Disposable face masks with a larger fit for comfort on more face sizes and shapes.

Face Shield

Protective Face Shields

Lightweight, comfortable and secure to wear; Fog-resistant; Can be worn with or without glasses or goggles; Clear 7 mil poly for maximum visibility; Generous zone of coverage to avoid direct or indirect splatter; Adjustable retention strap for comfort and security.

Disposable Protective Gowns

General Use Gowns

Disposable, general-use gowns to protect your employees and your workplace environment.

Level 1 Surgical Gown

Surgical Gowns

Polyester non-woven material, water repellant and disposable (non-steril) gown for the safety of your employees and your workplace.

Exam-Grade Nitrile Gloves, 4-mil

Exam Grade – Non Sterile, Powder Free

Exam-grade, 510K approved nitrile gloves to protect your employees and your workplace environment.

Other Products

Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Hand & Skin Antiseptic Wipes

Canisters of hand and skin antiseptic / multi-purpose disinfectant wipes. 120 count.

80% alcohol solution in accordance with CDC recommendations for disinfecting surfaces (Reference CDC Fact Sheet for Disinfecting Your Facility).

Hand Sanitizer

Gallon, 16oz, 8oz, 2oz bottles

Premium gel hand sanitizer with aloe for a feel-good, low odor sanitizer to help you stay healthy.

Disinfecting Wipes

Starter Kits & Refills

Everything you need to create a disinfecting wipe station in your workplace. We offer options in Small and Large Size Kits as well as lower priced Refill Kits.

*Same active ingredients as Lysol and Clorox Wipes

Dispenser Stands

Heavy Duty Stands

Attachment for 1 gal. hand sanitizer or Atlantic 1.3 gal. wipes bucket.  Designed & Built by Atlantic Packaging.

Antiseptic Towelettes

Individually Wrapped Towelettes

Individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes made with Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride, 1,000 per case.