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Strapping Equipment & Materials


We provide semi-automatic arch machines as well as fully automatic conveyorized compression strappers.


From Polyester strapping, to steel, Polypropylene, and Ultraband, we deliver strapping materials on time, when you need them.


Atlantic engineers and technicians integrate strapping machines into your packaging line for optimal efficiency.



Strapping systems are incorporated into the packaging lines of various industries and cover a diverse range of products. Publishers and distributors of books, magazines, and newspapers utilize strapping as do manufacturers and distributors in the food processing industry, building products, manufacturing, corrugated materials, retail packaging, and more.

Atlantic is a valuable source of strapping equipment and materials to match your precise application. We can recommend a strapping system that is ideal for your products, the volume of your production, and the design of your full packaging line.

Our relationships with key manufacturers of strapping systems, including Dynaric, Signode and Maillis, ensure that we keep your best interest at heart when recommending a strapping system. We are not locked into one product or brand so we have the opportunity to deliver what is best for you.


Strapping Machines & Materials


Atlantic provides a wide range of semi-automatic arch machines, as well as fully automatic conveyorized compression strappers for the lumber and corrugated industries. We provide strapping equipment in some of the most demanding environments, like brick and block manufacturing facilities.


Atlantic represents the high quality, reliable brands of Wulftec, Signode, and Dynaric when it comes to strapping equipment that can keep up with even the most demanding production lines.


Strapping is a widely used packaging technique and Atlantic has the knowledge, experience, and resources to know which strapping material will work best for your exact packaging application.


We supply a variety of strapping materials, from Polyester to steel, Polypropylene, and Ultraband. With our inventory management program and powerful logistics capabilities, you can be confident that Atlantic has the materials you need and can get them to you when you need them.

Polyester Strapping
Polyester strapping is used in a variety of applications from strapping lumber, PVC pipe, brick, block and many other heavy materials. Polyester is commonly used when containing loads that require retained tension for long periods of time. Polyester is available in a variety of widths, break strengths and coil lengths.

Steel Strapping
Steel strapping is for the heaviest of applications including the transportation of concrete pavers, heavy duty machinery and mill rolls of paper. When abrasion, resistance, and security are the of the highest importance, steel is the choice.

Polypropylene Strapping
Polypropylene is the most popular strapping material for banding a wide variety of products. It is both versatile and economical. Whether strapping corrugated boxes together for shipping efficiency or strapping products to pallets for security, polypropylene strap is a cost effective way to get products to their destinations safely and securely.

Ultraband Strapping
Ultraband is a hybrid material with characteristics blended to create the optimum in performance and economy in a strapping product. Ultra low elongation, high resistance to impact, and superior break strength combine to create a formidable strapping band suitable for the most challenging packaging applications. Ultraband can often be a great cost saver as a steel or polyester replacement.


One of the resources that truly sets Atlantic apart from our competitors is our ability to provide outstanding technical service as well as design and automation services to integrate equipment into your packaging line.

Our sales team, in conjunction with our engineers and technicians, help find the ideal strapping machine for your specific application – whether that’s for strapping lumber, building products or print publications. To achieve optimal efficiency and productivity, our team can integrate the strapping equipment into your full packaging line with the programming needed to ensure full automation. If automation is not necessary, we can design a line that best utilizes your operators so they can run the machines efficiently and effectively.

Take advantage of the services that Atlantic has to offer to get the most productive packaging line possible for your products.

“When it comes to strapping machines, we focus on the need for quality and dependability. We provide our customers with equipment that is performance-proven in the most difficult processing and manufacturing environments.”

Chip Bennett

VP, Atlantic Sales

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