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  • Robust packaging, supply, and inventory program for farmers
  • Shrink wrapping for farm fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Stretch film. strapping, cornerboard, and tape
  • High quality, low cost poly bags, net, and mesh bags
  • Labeling systems and customized labels for packaging produce
  • Service techs to help maintain packaging equipment

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The Produce Program at Atlantic is designed to provide farmers with the complete A to Z selection of supplies, packaging materials and equipment needed to run an efficient and productive operation.

Our program consolidates your vendors down to one reliable and dedicated source at Atlantic. Save money, gain back valuable time spent on ordering and inventory management, and improve overall efficiency.

We have everything you need to run your facility – from cleaning supplies, to wearables, bagging supplies, stretch and shrink films, strapping, tape, and packaging equipment.

Plus, we have the customer support, quick response time, and technical expertise to keep you running at optimal performance.


Atlantic is a local, family owned business that services the packaging needs of our farm and agricultural customers with great care and sensitivity to their unique needs (See Our History.)

As Atlantic has grown over the decades to encompass a wide range of packaging materials, equipment, and services over a broad range of industries, our focus on providing outstanding expertise and service to each and every customer is more important than ever.

We are proud to be able to work with local farms and produce growers and to provide them with the best possible service and materials we can possibly deliver.


Atlantic is a reliable and cost competitive source of produce net bags, poly bags, and mesh bags. When you partner with Atlantic for your produce bagging supplies, you have access to high quality supplies as well as an invaluable customer service team who will ensure that you get the bags you need when you need them.


The stocking program we provide for farmers when it comes to produce bagging supplies and packaging means that we are running our trucks through farm towns regularly with the ability to make frequent deliveries.

This gives farmers an advantage on inventory and cash flow management.

Our customers know they can trust Atlantic to deliver the quality poly bags, net bags, and mesh bags for produce packaging to best match their demands.


Our produce bagging supplies are offered in a broad range of selections including net and mesh bags, poly bags, pouch bags, drawstring bags, and knit bags. In addition, Atlantic offers a full line of packaging equipment, supplies, and labels ideal for the produce industry.

We are a reliable one-stop packaging shop for farmers, saving valuable time otherwise spent on managing several vendors and inventories.

Partner with Atlantic to get the packaging solutions you need, when you need them.


Atlantic is a full service packaging company, offering equipment and materials for every aspect of produce packaging, including shrink wrappers and shrink film.

Whether you’re individually shrink wrapping sweet potatoes or wrapping produce in trays or bundles, our semi-automatic or automatic shrink wrappers can make this process as efficient and productive as possible, reducing waste in the process.


Semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers can help farmers get on board with the growing trend of shrink wrapping individual produce items in addition to tray wrap packaging. Atlantic can supply new shrink wrap equipment installations and we can also service existing shrink wrappers.

Use of this equipment in farming operations increases productivity, enables a higher volume of value-added fresh product, and reduces human error and waste in packaging.


For farms that incorporate shrink wrap in their packaging process, Atlantic is an excellent source of quality shrink film. We have the flexibility to grow and change with your company, providing the film you need, as you need it.

Our technicians are readily available to ensure that you’re utilizing the ideal shrink film for your equipment and your application. This helps optimize your materials, your uptime, and your processes.

Trust Atlantic to be your best shrink wrap source for farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

See more about Shrink Packaging with Atlantic.


Labeling is a critical part of the packaging process for the produce and agricultural industry. Atlantic can incorporate labelers into your overall packaging system while our designated Printing & Graphics division can supply customized labels for individual produce items as well as trays, bags, boxes, and crates.


Labeling machines can significantly impact productivity and efficiency in produce packaging. Labeled produce is in high demand from retail markets and our labeling equipment can help farms meet these demands.

Our crew of technicians are adept at servicing labeling equipment and can help reduce the threat of downtime with this machinery. Our staff is readily available to service machines as needed.


From individual produce labels to labels for boxes, pouches, bags, and crates, Atlantic Printing & Graphics can produce high quality custom labels that positively represent your brand and your farm.

The technology we offer with our in-house printers delivers confidence in quality and color consistency. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and on-time, consistent delivery of materials.

Partnering with Atlantic for produce labeling ensures quality materials in a timely manner and at a competitive price.



In addition to bagging, shrink film, and equipment for produce farmers, Atlantic carries a vast selection of packaging materials needed to get your product out the door safely and efficiently.

Count on us to keep you in good supply of stretch film, vented film, cornerboard, strapping, tapes, and more.


You don’t have to carry a full month’s stock of supplies at your facility. Let Atlantic carry that for you and deliver what you need when you need it. Our inventory and stocking program is ideally suited for produce farmers to help manage cash flow and keep a tight inventory.

Consider Atlantic your partner in packaging and supplies. We’ll add value by increasing your efficiency, lowering costs, and being a dependable, dedicated partner committed to your success.

See more info about Strapping Materials and Equipment.


Atlantic has made it a priority over the years to build a staff of expert, dedicated service technicians to handle installation and troubleshooting of packaging machinery. Some of our technicians are specialists with the setup and adjustments of particular machines, such as shrink wrappers. Our other techs are capable of servicing almost any other piece of packaging equipment, from case erectors to produce bagging equipment.


We have the ability to help our farm customers reduce downtime in their packaging operations by addressing issues with their equipment quickly and efficiently. We employ many technicians so that someone can be available if an issue arises with your equipment.

Our #1 priority is to make sure our customers have the packaging supplies they need when they need them and that equipment is up and running at optimal performance. Our fleet of service technicians are critical in helping us meet these goals for our customers.

Learn more about Atlantic Technical Service.


Atlantic is in the business of stocking and warehouse distribution in conjunction with our packaging supply and equipment operations. This allows us to help our customers manage their stock and inventory, leaving them to focus on having the supplies they need in a way that eases their cash flow and helps their bottom line.


Bulk purchasing of packaging materials may introduce issues with storage space and quality for some farm operations. Atlantic can help farms safely and conveniently store supplies and materials through our stocking program. Our delivery trucks can get to our farming customers with the materials and supplies they need when they need it.

Partnering with Atlantic allows our customers to take advantage of our stocking program and more easily manage inventory and material storage.

See more about our Inventory Management Program.


We are proud to be a privately held, family owned company. Atlantic started in Tabor City, North Carolina in 1946 and has expanded over the years into a geographical footprint that spans over 11 locations in the U.S. and offshore.

While we are a company who can offer versatile and broad capabilities over a range of industries, at heart we are a family owned company and serve our customers with the care and sensitivity of a small, local business.

Customer service is always our top priority whether we’re dealing with packaging operations for a local, North Carolina farmer or a global consumer manufacturer. We take care of our customers.

See Atlantic’s History.

“Atlantic has unparalleled flexibility to meet the ever changing needs of today’s growers and processors. From inventory management to package design and automation, Atlantic has the resources and knowledge to help growers and processors run efficiently and control costs.”

Chuck Williams

Atlantic Sales, Produce and Agricultural Packaging