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Celebrating 75 Years

Atlantic Packaging | 1946 – 2021

Atlantic Company Culture



Loyalty is a consistent theme at Atlantic where employees earn long careers and long-term relationships with our customers.


Employees have experienced incredible health benefits and positive lifestyle changes with the introduction of the Wellness Program at Atlantic.


Our wealth of resources and talent provides the means by which we can benefit organizations and people in our local areas.

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Atlantic has over 900 employees throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, and Central America.

With a company this size, building a tight knit community is key for keeping employees and branches connected and supporting one another.

We build our Atlantic community through events, recognition of achievement within our sales force, and important milestones for our employees. We also connect and support employees through our Wellness Program and company-wide challenges to encourage fitness and good health.

Atlantic and our employees contribute to our greater communities through volunteer efforts and participation in fundraising and community events.

Uniting the resources, skills, and talents of our people creates a remarkable community capable of improving, growing, and strengthening Atlantic to better serve our customers, our community, and ourselves.

The Wellness Program has not only changed my routine, it’s changed my life.

Rosalind Allen

Greensboro, NC


Employees at Atlantic are committed to achieving success – success for our customers, success for the company, and success in our own careers. The leadership at Atlantic has created an environment that makes achieving success at all those levels a reality.

If you poll our employees, you’ll find many people who have been working at Atlantic for decades – some for over 40 years. This kind of loyalty is a direct result of smart, strategic leadership and leaders who care.

The loyalty we all feel to Atlantic and to our customers is gained through a supportive and ambitious atmosphere that encourages problem solving, teamwork, and creativity to meet our customers’ needs. We are also supported as a community through company-wide events and communications.

The culture that exists at Atlantic is one of family, of hard work, and success.


Atlantic has always encouraged good health and wellness among its employees. But with many of our sales and technical staff traveling extensively, support staff working long days at their desks, and inventory management staff operating forklifts and machinery throughout their shifts, good fitness and nutrition routines became more and more challenging.


In an effort to prioritize good health for all employees, the Wellness Program at Atlantic was officially implemented in 2012 when we brought on a full-time Wellness Coordinator. At that time, we also introduced the first of our company-wide Fitbit Challenges to motivate everyone toward being active everyday.


That 6-month Fitbit Challenge was a huge success, with employees adopting exercise and healthy diets into their everyday lives. During the challenge, a total of 630 lbs were lost with an average of 6 lbs lost per participant. 85% of people with high blood pressure improved their readings. And 50% of employees who had high or critical triglyceride levels in the first year improved their levels the following year.

Today, nearly 80% of Atlantic employees take part in the Wellness Program and we’ve seen incredible, positive changes with our employees as a result.

Rusty, Wes, and all the senior management – I don’t think you could have made a better decision than to put this plan into place. Thank you for my new way of life.

Kim Sholar

Wilmington, NC


Atlantic has a proud tradition of giving back to our communities. The resources we have, including the incredible talent and skills of our people, provide opportunities for us to help organizations and people in our local areas.

The generosity of our leadership helps to set the tone when it comes to giving back at Atlantic. From matching donations to actively supporting local charities, the senior management at Atlantic encourages philanthropy from all employees.