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Void Fill Equipment & Materials


We feature a selection of Void Fill Equipment from Ranpak that can handle any capacity of paper cushioning or wrapping.


Atlantic has the most complete offering of protective packaging materials and systems anyone can offer, from bubble wrap and paper dunnage, to custom designed packaging.


Our sales and engineering team analyzes your protective packaging needs and requirements. We factor in material cost, product value, how the products are shipping, and where they’re going.


We review your options for protective packaging, make recommendations, and can even create prototypes for demonstrating and testing custom packaging designs.


We monitor your usage against the initial standards and designs we set and continue to bring you the latest in innovations in the protective packaging market.

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Atlantic has a comprehensive offering for protective packaging solutions, from an analysis of the product being shipped, to a review of options for equipment, materials, and custom designs as well as implementation of the packaging system, and follow up with technical service and preventative maintenance.


Protecting Your Products


The Atlantic sales and engineering team that specializes in protective packaging will first discuss with you the needs and requirements you have, including material cost, the value of the product being packaged, how it’s being shipped, and the shipping destination.

We take into account environmental requirements and requests for recyclability as well as any international restrictions or unique conditions. Based on these factors and our experience in this field, we will provide our input as to what kind of packaging equipment and materials, including custom designed packaging, can meet your requirements.


For our customers who ship products that have an unusual shape, acute sensitivity, or dimensions that don’t fit in standard corrugated or foam packaging, we can offer the services of our custom packaging engineer, Norm Samuelson. Norm designs packaging from scratch to meet the exact protective needs of these products. From motors and windshield wipers, to automotive bumpers, Norm designs, tests, and creates custom packaging solutions for almost any application.

See our Automotive Industry page for more details on some of these unique products.

“My goal is the best performance with the most reasonable cost and most efficient assembly.”

— Norm Sameulson, Foam & Carton Design


Once our customer’s needs and requirements have been determined, we set to work providing options that can meet those needs and provide the best possible protection for the product. We review the options, provide test shipments and drop tests if necessary, and implement the best option in terms of equipment, materials, and process. One of our service technicians will work with you throughout the start up of the equipment to see it is adjusted for your specific application and to make sure that all your employees are properly trained.


When custom packaging is needed, CAD designs are created in our lab and prototypes are developed to share with our customer. We can provide options that vary by material costs, from high end to minimal as well as an option that lands somewhere in between those. We will also work with a customer’s marketing department to make sure that the product presentation within the packaging is inline with the product and brand marketing.


Search our selection of Void Fill Equipment from Ranpak featuring a variety of machines that can handle wrapping, cushioning, and void fill with kraft paper.



Atlantic has the most complete offering of protective packaging materials and systems anyone can offer. We have low cost kraft paper and newsprint that is converted in house (see: Industrial Paper Converting). We have proprietary dispensing systems that enable you to lower and better control your total costs. We also provide speciality materials that are engineered specifically for your application.


Bubble Wrap
Multiple Sizes and Widths, Anti-Static, Standard and Custom Sizes, Rolls, Sheets, Fabricated Bags

Air Pillows
Automated Output for Highly Breakable, Void Fill, Blocking or Bracing

Paper Dunnage – Fill Pak
Cushioning, Wrapping, Void Fill, Blocking or Bracing

Paper Dunnage
Tissues, Kraft, Bogus, Indented, Laminated, Moisture Proof

Peanuts, Dunnage Bags, Bogus Papers, Air Pouches

Hand-Held Mini Systems, High Capacity Production, Foam in a Bag, Special Applications


Sales representatives at Atlantic work with our customers to provide the best possible follow up service. We are not a “set it and forget it” organization! Once your protective packaging equipment is installed and materials are implemented, it’s really just the beginning for us.

We will constantly monitor your usage against the initial quality standards we set and continue to bring you the latest innovations in the protective packaging market.

Our team of service technicians, parts specialists, and custom packaging engineers are here to assist you in the event there is a problem or with a preventative maintenance plan for optimal performance.

“We look at all the options available to protect your package including sustainability, freight considerations and disposability of the package. We also believe that your packaging is a direct reflection on you the customer AND Atlantic as a supplier. With that in mind, we hunt for the best solution to safely and efficiently protect your package.”

Steve Rafferty

VP Atlantic, Pharma & Medical Device Sales

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