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Paperboard Sheet Program


Custom paperboard sheeting to replace corrugated sheets for pallet covers, tier sheets, and top covers that reduces costs and improves sustainability.


A sustainable sheeting option that uses 100% recycled fiber, minimum 85% post-consumer fibers, and is acceptable in commercial OCC recycling programs.


Get optimal protection for your product with reduced freight costs, less storage space required, and minimum 15% material cost savings compared to corrugated.

LayerShield Paper Sheeting Program

Save Money. Improve Sustainability.

With the LayerShield Paper Sheeting Program from Atlantic, you have a new option for affordable, convenient sheets made from 100% recycled fibers ideal for use with automated palletizing equipment.


Protecting your products as they ship out the door is of paramount importance to your brand integrity and to upholding the trust your customers have in you.

Sheeting is often used to add a vital layer of protection when used for pallet covers, top covers, and tier sheets between layers of product in a unit load.  But if you’re using corrugated sheets or poly sheets, there may be a way to reduce the amount of material you’re using to cut costs, improve sustainability, and to optimize efficiency in your operations.

LayerShield was designed as a more sustainable sheeting option that works well with automated palletizers and saves valuable space in your warehouse. (Also see: Sustainable Packaging)

If you haven’t examined your sheeting materials lately, this is a great time to evaluate your needs and see if you’re using the most optimal material for your needs.  Atlantic consultants can help.  Contact us today to see if LayerShield is a good fit for your operation.


The Power of Performance


The LayerShield Sheeting Program offers a range of calipers and sizes to best fit your needs.  The program is designed to provide paperboard sheeting that works well with automated palletizing equipment at reduced weight, volume, and cost compared to corrugated sheets.

LayerShield is ideal for use as pallet covers, top covers, and tier sheets between product layers and is especially advantageous as a substitute for corrugated sheets.


As part of our Sustainability Program, Atlantic is proud to be able to offer a paperboard sheeting product made from 100% recycled fibers with minimum 85% post-consumer fibers.  It has also shown to be acceptable in commercial OCC recycling programs.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your footprint, reduce your impact on the environment, and become more a more sustainable operation overall, LayerShield is the ideal option for your sheeting needs.


In addition to being a sustainable option with a reduced footprint, LayerShield will also help you reduce costs compared to corrugated sheeting.

LayerShield offers a minimum 5% reduction in weight and a smaller volume footprint so you can store five times the amount of sheets per unit of storage. it offers a 15% material cost savings compared to corrugated as well as lower freight costs with over two times more sheets shipped per truckload.

“We’re excited to offer LayerShield as a cost effective program with excellent sustainability benefits, especially compared to corrugated and other solid chip sheets in the market.”

Jeff Billhorn

Sales, LayerShield Sheet Program