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We research and supply barrier and specialty films for the best possible protection for sensitive health and beauty product packaging.


Count on Atlantic to produce high quality labels that will proudly showcase your brand on the retail shelves.


We offer flexo printing capabilities for shrink sleeve packaging and can source specialty films for shrink sleeves with a quick lead time.


Our customers value our services with inventory, warehousing, and logistics so they can maximize their facilities for manufacturing and production.

We can help our customer take their product from the time of manufacturing all the way to the retail shelf. We can support them through their whole life cycle, from inception and initial product launch to applying labels and shipping them out to retail stores. We are trusted by some of the most established household brand names.

- Terie Syme

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Atlantic serves companies who handle the manufacturing and packaging end of health and beauty products, including vitamins and supplements, soaps, skin care, and personal care products. We provide labels, folding cartons, and shrink sleeves for retail packaging as well as films, equipment, and materials to protect the products during transport from the manufacturing facility to retail stores.

We have the ability to offer guaranteed color consistency across all mediums for retail labels, cartons, and shrink sleeves. We also have incredibly fast lead times on delivering labels, sleeves, and specialty films. Our long-held vendor relationships provide us with exceptional resources when it comes to sourcing new films or materials.

When we work with customers in the health and beauty product industry, we harness so many of our powerful resources to help them meet demands, save time and money, and ultimately grow, develop, and succeed.


When it comes to the barrier and specialty films that are so critical for preserving the shelf life of health and beauty products, Atlantic has specialists on staff who can determine the exact film properties needed for each individual product.

Whether it’s protection from moisture, vapor, gases, or odors, Atlantic can design, create, and supply customized films to meet the very specific demands for product preservation in the health and beauty industry.


Atlantic film experts test and develop specialty films at our Film Lab in Charlotte, NC. When presented with the challenge of creating a barrier film that meets specific properties, our experts work as a team to produce the film, match materials with equipment, and determine the correct application that together will deliver a high performance barrier film.

This process is repeated for each individual health and beauty product manufactured in order to devise the exact right films and applications that will preserve each and every product.

Trust Atlantic as your partner in barrier films for outstanding performance and the greatest value to you.


Labels and folding cartons carry the heavy responsibility of representing brand identity when it comes to retail packaging.

Atlantic’s print shop has advanced printing capabilities and stringent quality control that guarantees consistent and exceptional quality labels and cartons to showcase your brand (see: Atlantic Printing & Graphics).


We have digital printing, flexo printing, and offset printing with the ability to print on films, pressure sensitive material, folding cartons, heavy stock, and color coated stock.

All of our labels, cartons, and print materials are sent through the same Quality Control Process where they are tested for tensile strengths, glue strengths, and consistency in appearance across a variety of printing processes and substrates.


With our in-house resources and dedicated staff, we can respond quickly and accurately to new orders, changes in orders, and seasonal or promotional upticks in orders.

Atlantic takes great pride in our customer service, account management, our ability to quickly turnaround new samples for approval, and to deliver a superior finished product on demand.

Our service to our customers in the health and beauty industry is key. We respond quickly and accurately to requests for samples and new orders. This translates directly into value for our customers.

- Mark Holcombe



Atlantic has a number of trusted vendor relationships that we can call on to source specialized film used for shrink sleevesin the health and beauty industries.

While we can produce printed shrink sleeves using our in-house flexo printing capabilities at our Atlantic Printing & Graphics division, we can also source laminated materials or hybrid polyester films and wide web printing for specialized shrink sleeves.

Our vendor relationships mean that we can offer competitive pricing and fast lead times on specialized shrink sleeves for our customers.

Learn more about shrink sleeves.


Our customers who are manufacturing high-demand products for the health and beauty industry rely on Atlantic for inventory management.

We understand that your goal is to maximize space in your facility for manufacturing and production. Atlantic can help you meet this goal by handling your warehousing and logistics.


We are a reliable, responsive source for stocking and inventory. Our lead time is next day or even same day in some cases.

We become particularly valuable to our customers when it comes to speciality products like barrier films that have notoriously long lead times. When you partner with Atlantic for your materials and inventory management, that lead time can be trimmed to just one day.

Count on Atlantic to deliver the materials and supplies you need, when you need them. We can keep up with your production and help you meet and even exceed your goals.

Learn more about the Atlantic Inventory Management Program.