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Sustainable Beverage Carrier



Fishbone beverage carriers are curbside recyclable and made entirely of paperboard. They use less material than a full cardboard carton and contain no plastic that can pollute our environment.


Atlantic’s in-house print shop produces custom, high quality printing to showcase your product. The billboarding space on the Fishbone is ideal for marketing your brand as well as promotions, campaigns, and seasonal designs.


Application equipment options range from manual applicators for small breweries up to high speed machines for high volume lines. 


Recyclable carrier with application equipment.


Fishbone is a comprehensive program for your beverage carrier system including recyclable carriers and application equipment.

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Take control of your environmental impact.

By eliminating plastic from your product packaging, you can better control how your brand impacts our environment and wildlife.

Single use plastics are wasteful and unnecessary trash that are too easily added to the waste stream. Over time, these break up into microplastics and make their way into all parts of the environment, especially our waters.  There, they are ingested by sea birds and marine life causing lasting health impacts for the animals while also contaminating our seafood.

The Fishbone Beverage Carrier is designed to help you eliminate plastic and replace it with a biodegradable and compostable option.

Show off your brand with a beverage carrier that makes a statement for sustainability.

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Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Rings and Paper Cartons


As consumers become more educated and aware of how their personal choices directly affect our environment, they are choosing the products they buy and interact with more mindfully.

We’ve seen how these choices create real movement for change, especially in the case of single use plastics and the statewide bans on straws and plastic grocery bags.

When it comes to beverage carriers, buyers don’t want the plastic rings that are known to harm birds and marine life.  And if they see an option on the shelf that’s recyclable, that’s the one they will choose.

Fishbone offers you the sustainable and recyclable option that consumers want and will feel good about.


Many beverage companies and brewers will choose a full carton overwrap for their 6-pack or 12-pack carrier to take advantage of the billboard space for their brand.

Fishbone is the beverage carrier option that uses significantly less material compared to a full or half carton. And it’s plastic-free so it’s more environmentally friendly than the 6-pack plastic rings.  Fishbone takes up less space and produces less waste than the competing carrier options.

In addition, the Fisbone carrier provides the billboard space that brands want to showcase their products and stand out on the shelves.


The beverage shelf space at any supermarket or convenience store is a crowded space.  Finding ways to stand out in the crowd could be the make-it-or-break-it difference for a product or brand.

Rather than going with the more expensive and more wasteful full carton overwrap to show off your brand, now you can choose Fishbone and get the billboarding space you need along with an environmentally-friendly carrier that your customers will feel good about using.


From manual applicators for small breweries to high speed machines for larger volume production lines, Atlantic provides a wide range of equipment to meet every application and budget.

Our team will help you find the perfect solution.


The comprehensive Fishbone program from Atlantic features the technical service you need for installation, training, maintenance, and optimization.

Atlantic takes great pride in our commitment to service, whether that’s customer service on the ordering side, or technical service on the equipment side.  When you choose Fishbone from Atlantic, you get the service you need to stay up and running with minimal downtime and optimal performance.


The Fishbone carrier is made from a patent-pending design for secure performance from a paperboard-only (no plastic!) carrier.  It’s been tested in a variety of conditions and has proven to be a trusted durable option for your beverage carrier.

It’s also lightweight and sleek for easy storage and minimal waste.  It is biodegradable and compostable and has been shown that after 12 weeks of decomposition, the Fishbone paperboard will break down and 88% will break down into pieces smaller than 10mm.

This is a design that we’ve tested, that we we trust, and that we’re excited to bring to market.

“The Fishbone System is the smart alternative to PE plastic rings and HDPE handles for the health and safety of our environment and ocean life. It’s the sustainable solution compared to cartons and plastic caps.”

Wes Carter

President, Atlantic Packaging

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