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Shrink Packaging

Atlantic’s resources are structured to deliver improved productivity, reduced downtime, reduced costs, and improved product appearance for our shrink packaging customers.

With our decades of experience and high level of technical expertise, we can suggest the best type and lowest gauge film for a customer’s specific application. Right away, many of our customers can significantly reduce their material costs while preserving the integrity of their packaging as a result of this down gauging.

We are also sensitive to the needs of our customers for their shrink packaging to showcase their brand and to deliver a product that is clean, fresh, and safe. We work with high quality films and tamper evident packaging to meet these goals.

Our shrink packaging sales and support are among the best in the business. Partner with Atlantic and receive expert care and attention for your shrink film operations.


We offer a comprehensive selection of shrink packaging equipment including manual and fully automated systems.


Shrink film is a heat shrinkable clear film that covers a wide range of multi-packing and protective commercial applications.


Our shrink specific personnel are experts in recommending the right equipment with the right film for the application.


Our audit process helps us to find opportunities where our expertise can save money and improve performance.

What We Offer

Shrink Film & Equipment


Atlantic offers a comprehensive inventory of shrink packaging equipment including manual and fully automated systems that can keep up with the speed of modern, advanced production and packaging lines.

Every piece of shrink equipment we sell is supported by a sales and technical team who understand the importance of rapid response, overnight production line make-ready, and the requirement for limited downtime.



The most valuable resources that Atlantic can offer are our service technicians. Shrink equipment is so sophisticated from an electronic and mechanical standpoint that we need to have equally sophisticated technicians to deliver true value to our customers.

Most of our customers running shrink packaging systems are running them 24/7 so our technical team is available to service machines around the clock.

We understand that our customers’ most expensive minute is if a packaging machine is down. We are committed to delivering the service you need, when you need it.

Learn more about our Technical Service Program.

“When we work with a customer to optimize their shrink packaging operation, we first want to identify the best film for the application. We may recommend low energy, higher slip or lighter gauge. The film choice is application dependent. Identifying the right film for a specific piece of equipment and the specific application is critical in achieving our goal of creating a near zero downtime environment.”

— Chuck Jimison, Shrink Film Specialist


SHRINK-film-high-performanceShrink film is a heat shrinkable clear film that covers a wide range of multi-packing and protective commercial applications. Introduced in the late 1960’s, shrink film has been refined over the years with multi-layer technology and reduced gauge capability to its current state where there is a film tailor-made for just about every potential application.

Whether the process is capturing two like products together at 10 packages per minute to be sold as one or protecting baked goods in trays being wrapped at 150 packages per minute, we have the right film for the application.

Film thicknesses range form 250 gauge (2.5 mils) to 30 gauge and in very specific applications can be printed to become a “billboard” for marketing purposes, tamper evident, or to prevent copycat duplication of a product in the marketplace. Printed films can usually run at the same speeds as clear film.

Whether your application is containment, multi-packing, protection, tamper evident or customization, we have the resources and knowledge to help you find the best packaging solution.


Strong, attractive, high clarity film with different options to suit a range of needs. We have Clysar films in stock for immediate delivery. These feature excellent machineability to increase efficiency.

Very clear, attractive wraps. We offer low shrink force films, differential shrink force films, candle films, and other special application films. Films also available pre-perforated.

Strong, tear resistant films with custom films for different needs. Low cost wrapping, available plain or printed.


SHRINK-atlantic-packaging-shrink-wrapping-specialistsShrink film is typically an integral part of the packaging line process with a significant impact on productivity. Matching the right film to the equipment and application is crucial, we want to be part of that process and be responsible for the productivity and efficiency of the packaging line.

The shrink packaging area needs to run trouble-free to keep product flowing and finished goods going out the door. Our shrink specific personnel have decades of experience in both recommending the right equipment with the right film for the application and making sure both work in harmony with each other.

We want to be responsible for the productivity of this area. Our goal is to create a near zero down-time environment in shrink packaging.

The performance of the shrink film is dependent on the equipment and design of the packaging line. In high volume applications it is necessary to have the right flow of product being introduced to the shrink wrapper and discharging from the tunnel. Proper infeed, containing any multi-packs thru the wrapping area, and providing the right tunnel all play vital roles in the outcome.

Atlantic specialists can assist or completely design the best shrink packaging solution. Contact us today to learn more.

“When we work with a customer to optimize their shrink packaging operation, we are looking to downgauge film, reduce the amount of film used, improve the package appearance, and minimize downtime with the shrink equipment.”

— Ray McLaurin, Shrink Systems Specialist


Our audit process for new shrink film customers is one of the most important services we provide. During the audit, we evaluate the product, the current application, and the entire shrink film process to understand the ultimate goals and to find opportunities where our expertise can save money and improve performance.

Often, our shrink experts and service technicians find that they can recommend down gauging films and design the optimal wrap pattern that will save significantly on material costs and deliver a consistent, high performing shrink wrap application.

Trust the Atlantic team to find shrink packaging solutions to meet your exact needs.

“We understand that the most expensive minute for a customer is if a packaging machine is down. The goal with our Shrink Program is to have customers up and running 24/7.

Pat Caccavella

Shrink Films and Systems

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