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Bringing the Experts Together


When we built the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte in 2017, we were so excited to bring testing equipment together with integrated packaging lines, automated machines, and a full e-commerce fulfillment area.  We were also beyond excited to have the very first TruMotion Multi-Axis Transportation Simulator available in the packaging industry.

All this represented an incredible opportunity, not just for us, but for all players in the industry – from manufacturers and vendors, to customers and end-users.  We had a goal of establishing packaging standards that would eliminate damage, protect products, and establish confidence in the process.  

To reach that goal, we understood that the Solution Center had to be a hub for all parties to come together to test, analyze, and verify results that would be the most successful for every unique case that comes through.  Fortunately, the relationships we developed over the years with our customers and with our vendor partners proved strong enough to allow this kind of collaboration in the space.

We recognize the expertise of our partners in a variety of areas – stretch film, shrink film, strapping, tertiary packaging, etc. (See: How To Navigate the Complexities of Packaging).  Bringing these experts together with our own internal resources lets us tap into the collective knowledge in how all these pieces will perform together. 

This is the key to how we’re going to successfully solve packaging challenges. It aligns with our customer-focused approach and impacts the movement toward smarter packaging and greater sustainability.