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Cube Efficiency


The efficiency with which you move products from one location to another – from manufacturing to retail, for example –  plays a big part in sustainability, inventory management, and overall process efficiency. 

Your challenges are to load the trailer with as much product as possible so you’re not paying to move air or empty space. You’re striving for cube efficiency. But you also have to make sure the products are safe and secure all the way through the journey.  If a truck arrives at its destination with damaged products, you’re then dealing with returns, reworks, and excess waste, all of which cost extra time, extra labor, and extra money.  

A new trend we’re seeing with cube efficiency for lighter products, like towel and tissue, is to stack the loads higher and maximize the height capacity of the trailer (See: Cubing Out A Trailer … Vertically).  This trend brings with it a new set of challenges to protect the products. You now have a new center of gravity with these taller loads and a new way they are going to handle the energy during transit. 

At the Packaging Solution Center, we’re able to test these new load configurations, understand the dynamics of the unit load, and help you find a solution for both cube efficiency and product protection.

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