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The WF30 fully automatic case former / case erector overcomes the common variables involved in forming cases that are often associated with the quality of corrugated. It easily handles the common imperfections in corrugated that can disrupt the forming process, and this remote demand-controlled machine will effortlessly open and form your RSC, HSC or CSSC cases at 30 CPM.

The WF30 is available for pressure sensitive tape case sealers or hot melt glue forming.

  • Dekka high performance tape head case closure system is standard
  • Precision folded and sealed cases around the clock
  • Positive case opening without vacuum easily accepts marginal quality corrugated board
  • Large case feed magazine
  • Corrosion-resistant, inline construction
  • U.L. listed electrical panel
  • Simple 10 minute size changeover
  • Interlocked safety guarding
  • Pin & Dome
  • Safety & Ergonomic Features
  • Dynamic Flap Folding
  • Compliant Drive Belt
  • Non-Contacting Sensors
  • In-Line Operation
  • Simplicity of Construction
  • Small Footprint
  • Integrated Controls
  • Tagout/Lockout
  • Paint-Free Construction
  • UL-Listed Electrical Panels
  • NEMA Electrical Specifications
  • Speed: Maximum 30 cases per minute (CPM)
  • Size maximum: L: 24 x W: 17 x D: 16.5 Maximum E = 25
  • Size minimum (Smaller/Custom sizes available by request): L: 6 x W: 5 x D: 3.5 Minimum E = 6
  • Positive Case Squaring System: Lines up and squares the case during sealing, creating visually appealing case output.
  • Single Push Transport System: Combines linear bearing guides with a mechanically adjustable case pusher for case squaring.