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Do you want to maximize uptime while reducing costs?

We can help!
  • Gain speed and productivity with equipment automation
  • Get access to expert equipment technicians
  • Get valuable expertise and consulting for best practices
  • Improve package appearance with high-performance shrink films
  • Order printed cartons and labels for retail packaging
  • Bundle packaging and wearables at competitive pricing

How Can We Help You?

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Shrink packaging has grown and developed to where we are dealing with high performance, high speed equipment and better performing films. Our sales and technical service team can supply advanced equipment, optimize existing machines, and design films that are a best fit for your specific application.


Our in-house Film Lab tests shrink films for each individual bakery product and tailors the films to recommend the least amount needed at the ideal gauge. This process helps promote optimal film performance and reduced waste, ultimately cutting costs significantly.


Through our inventory management and technical service resources, we have the ability to ensure that your shrink packaging operation can keep up with your automated production lines. The bakery industry as a whole is more automated than ever, allowing your production to run faster and go around the clock. Our shrink packaging equipment is sophisticated enough to keep up with your production lines and, more importantly, our technicians are highly educated on this equipment so they can monitor, maintain, and service the equipment to improve the uptime.


When it comes to shrink packaging for your bakery operation, Atlantic is a reliable and indispensable partner with a wealth of resources to further your success.

Learn more about our Shrink Packaging Equipment and Materials.


Atlantic is a comprehensive packaging partner with the ability to supply custom die cut and printed folding cartons for your retail packaging.


When it comes to retail packaging, Atlantic serves our bakery customers a folding carton product that has been verified for quality through our Quality Control process.

We understand how important it is for your folding carton packaging to positively represent your brand on the shelves. That’s why we offer in-house, custom die cutting and printing (See: Commercial Converting).

When we can control the carton from the cutting to the printing and folding, we can deliver a product with confidence, knowing that this carton will represent your brand with the quality it deserves.


Our customers want folding cartons that are high quality, economical, and that display their brand with pride.

They want their folding carton machines to keep up with production and run at optimal performance with maximum uptime.

Trust Atlantic to produce your folding cartons and to maintain your equipment in a way that exceeds your expectations. We are here to be an integral part of your team.


Labeling is a fundamental part of packaging and Atlantic has the labeling solutions – from materials to equipment – that blend this process seamlessly and efficiently into your packaging operations.


Our labeling solutions encompass every part of your packaging, from barcoding to sorting and shipping and right on through to the retail shelf with product labels and tamper evident labeling.

Our retail packaging label program is truly impressive. We have the ability to meet your demands in terms of quantity, prompt delivery, and superior quality. With our Color Consistency and Quality Control process, we produce labels that powerfully showcase your brand.

We help your warehouse stay organized, your shipping to stay on track, and your product to stand out on the shelves with our labeling products, equipment, and services.


When it comes to packaging and labeling for the bakery industry, Atlantic gets the big picture. We understand your need for efficiency, around-the-clock uptime, cost savings and, ultimately, a product that proudly represents your brand.

Our labeling materials and services are the ideal answer to your needs for packaging from start to finish. Atlantic is in a position to be your one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs, from the manufacturing floor to the retail shelf.

Learn more at Atlantic Printing & Graphics.


We have been involved with the bakery industry for decades and have watched this industry mature and develop with the advent of new technology and machinery.


The speed of the machines on the production line demand speed on the packaging line, especially from our shrink wrappers. The progress we’ve seen with the shrink equipment is exceptional in terms of the time it takes them to heat, pressure, and seal as well as with overall performance.

Atlantic technicians are highly educated on the advanced shrink wrappers used in today’s bakery operations and are an indispensable part of your team when it comes to monitoring, maintaining, and servicing these machines (see: Atlantic Technical Service).


Throughout our more than 60 years in business, Atlantic has expanded so that we can meet customer demands for packaging, printing, equipment, and materials. Most importantly, we have invested in the technical expertise that allows us to devise innovative solutions to help solve problems in our customers’ facilities.

Our service technicians deliver quality work, impressive response time, and effective, innovative strategies that help our bakery customers keep up with production.


The mechanical and electronic sophistication of modern-day shrink wrappers and packaging equipment demands highly sophisticated technicians to keep them up and running at optimal capacity and performance. This ability on the part of our technicians is at the heart of how Atlantic delivers value to our customers.

With Atlantic as a partner in your shrink wrapping and packaging operation, you are poised for growth, opportunity, and success.

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In addition to our packaging equipment, products, and expertise, many of our bakery customers rely on Atlantic for low prices, excellent service, and quality products for their wearables. We supply aprons, gloves, sleeves, hairnets, non-skid shoe covers, and more. When you count on Atlantic as your one-stop-shop resource, you can expect outstanding value and service.
Our service technicians deliver quality work, impressive response time, and effective, innovative strategies that help our bakery customers keep up with production.


The bottom line for our offerings as far as wearables comes down to the attentive service we provide and the prices we can offer.

Save money, get a reliable partner, and reduce your paperwork by choosing Atlantic as your primary supply source in addition to your packaging resource.

We find opportunities to help our customers improve productivity, reduce downtime, improve package appearance, and reduce costs for their bakery product packaging.

Pat Caccavella

Shrink Film and Systems