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 Atlantic owns and operates over 3,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities. All of our facilities utilize vertical storage and each of them are equipped to store temperature sensitive inventories in climate controlled environments.

Atlantic offers JIT deliveries via our own fleet of over 175 units, with next day and/or same day delivery if needed.

At the forefront of Atlantic's incredibly accurate order fulfill rate lies a stable workforce with warehousing and driving personnel with an average company tenure of 21 years of service.  

Norm Dunlap
VP Packaging Products

Norm Dunlap

Dunlap norm lg

Norm Dunlap

Norm spent 11 years working in trucks and transportation as an operations manager for Roadway Express as well as in sales for that company. His career with Atlantic began in April 2000 when he became the branch manager for our Greensboro location, a facility that serves as a hub for inventory control and distribution and that also houses protective packaging and paper converting. Norm’s background with logistics made him the ideal leader for this operation.

Having joined the Senior Management group at Atlantic in 2006, Norm continues to manage his sales accounts that include customers in the chemical business where he specializes in bagging and boxed packaging for liquids. He has also assisted Bill Balkcum in serving the poultry and processing industry. In addition to his work in sales, Norm is an invaluable resource throughout Atlantic when it comes to how packaged products interact on the trucking and transportation side of the equation as well as how the end user interacts with these products.

When it comes to operations within Atlantic, Norm is also dedicated to maintaining a healthy balance between our manufacturing operations and our inventory and distribution business. He keeps our group focused on the labels, printing, and folding carton options we can offer our customers for their packaging needs in addition to films, corrugated, and other packaging products.


Warehousing & Logistics

The Inventory Management Program at Atlantic is one of the core services we offer. We have warehouse locations throughout the U.S. to stock supplies and packaging products for our customers. We have our own trucks and drivers to deliver these products. And we have established systems for managing inventory across a wide and varied customer base.

Partnering with Atlantic for inventory management makes sense for so many businesses. Our program allows you to free up valuable space for maximum production and manufacturing, to better manage cash flow by not holding inventory, and to reduce administrative tasks by relying on Atlantic for inventory control.

We help our customers grow and achieve success by offering a robust consignment and Inventory Management Program.

Just in Time Delivery

Our Just in Time (JIT) inventory control means that our customers receive supplies and packaging materials as they need them. Atlantic has warehouses in key locations throughout the U.S. to stock materials plus we have our own fleet of trucks and experienced, in-house drivers to make deliveries as needed. Some of our customers receive deliveries every day of the week.

There are many benefits of using our Just in Time inventory program.

  • Utilize more space in your own facility for production rather than reserving space for stocking supplies and packaging items.
  • Meet demand more efficiently, decrease waste, and decrease risks by receiving materials as you need them rather than stocking them "just in case."
  • Reduce overhead and inventory costs by paying only for what you use.

Atlantic's Inventory Management Program is a critical component of our services for so many of our customers. They have come to rely on us as a dependable partner, cutting costs and improving plant efficiency along the way. JIT delivery plays a major role in financial and operational success.

 We help our customers keep their inventory lean. They count on us to manage their inventory and reduce their overhead costs. They can cut one purchase order for 50 different products and know that we'll manage those orders for them and they'll get the products they need on time, when they need it. 

Joe Hogan
Medical & Pharma

Joe Hogan

Hogan joe lg

Joe Hogan

Following in his father’s footsteps, Joe decided early on to pursue a career in sales that would allow him to engage with people and businesses in a meaningful and resourceful way. He got started with Dillard Paper in Raleigh in 1991 where he was fortunate to find excellent mentors in the industry, including Steve Rafferty.

Both Joe and Steve came to Atlantic in January 2013 to start a branch in the Raleigh area. They moved to the current Youngsville, NC office when Atlantic acquired Asheboro Paper and from there they would continue to serve the greater Raleigh market with added capacity for inventory management and custom packaging solutions.

Joe had been working closely with customers in the pharmaceutical and medical product industry and continues his work in that field today, specializing in distribution and contract packaging. He also works with accounts in the food industry, primarily with cartons and labels as well as end-of-line packaging.

Joe is an incredibly talented salesperson. Using the resources that Atlantic can offer, he takes an analytical, creative approach to finding the products that his customers need and develops tailored solutions for packaging and supplies that help them achieve their goals. He is truly an asset to Atlantic and to each of his customers.


Cash Flow Management

Ease Cash Flow

Inventory control with Atlantic helps ease cash flow issues for major consumer products manufacturers and small businesses alike. Allowing Atlantic to hold inventory in our warehouses and deliver supplies and materials as needed means that our customers only have to pay for the products they use. Cash is not tied up in inventory that may take a year or more to get through.

No longer do you have to over-purchase inventory up front and take up valuable space on your production floor to store it. Partner up with Atlantic to purchase the supplies needed for production, manufacturing, and packaging operations.

Our services in distribution are at an all-time high as businesses leverage the capabilities we can offer to save them valuable money and space.

Ease the strain on accounting and cash flow issues by taking advantage of Atlantic's powerful distribution and inventory control.

Reliable Partners

Atlantic has a proven track record when it comes to reliability and accountability with our Inventory Management Program. Time and again, we have come through for our customers when they need it most. We assume a great responsibility when we handle inventory control for a facility and we measure up to the high expectations that our customers place on us.

The key to success with inventory control is finding a partner you can count on. Atlantic has warehouse locations throughout the U.S. to stock inventory, provide Just in Time delivery, and help improve plant efficiency. Choosing Atlantic means having a partner you can rely on every time you place an order.