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Specialty films, box liners, polyethylene bags, printed bags and pouches, can liners, and reclosables are among the packaging products our Flexible Packaging Team offers.


We offer flexible packaging bagging systems for your packaging line including vertical form, fill, and seal machines; vertical bagging systems; and automated bag on a roll systems.


With many decades of experience, our experts in flexible packaging systems, materials, and support make up a powerful team dedicated to customer success.


We specialize in national programs for Fortune 100 companies, managing the logistics of multiple plant locations in the U.S. and offshore.


We offer an in-house packaging research and film lab for testing, setting benchmark standards, and establishing packaging systems that will maintain the lowest unit costs for our customers.


The first thing our team will do for you is gain an understanding of your current processes, applications, and needs for equipment and materials.

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Our manufacturing capabilities, dedicated team of consultative experts, and depth of resources make our Flexible Packaging Program a tremendous value to our partners. We understand the unique requirements and challenges of businesses that utilize flexible packaging when protecting their products, and our decades of experience in the space have built many trusted relationships.

Our ability to create flexible packaging in-house to our clients’ exact specifications is testament to our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. We provide custom printing and laminating services to ensure your packaging is exceeding expectations.

In addition to providing pouches, liners, overwraps, and reclosable bags, we often can fulfill the entirety of an operation’s packaging needs through our internal network of production facilities and vast network of supplier relations. We have several locations across the U.S. and Caribbean that provide printing and graphics and paperboard converting services for a variety of packaging types.

Through superior customer service, competitive pricing, and equipment expertise, we work to keep your packaging lines running at optimal performance with minimal downtime and waste. A partnership with our Flexible Packaging Team is sure to contribute to your overall business success!


Custom Flexible Packaging


When it comes to flexible packaging materials, we are often asked why a manufacturer or food processor would choose Atlantic rather than buy direct from the bag or film manufacturer.

The answer is simple.

Atlantic offers a breadth of products and services that address every aspect of a customer’s packaging needs.

We have long-standing partnerships with extruders and film manufacturers that we believe are the best in the business. We offer advanced, high-quality materials at competitive prices while also supplying a full range of packaging supplies, making us a one-stop source for all of your packaging needs.

Beyond our offerings in equipment, materials, and supplies, Atlantic has highly specialized technicians that ensure your packaging systems and materials are running at optimal performance.


Coextruded Barrier Films
Atlantic offers a broad range of polyethylene based co-ex, nylon, and EVOH barrier films. Custom manufacturing allows these films to be tailored to meet any of your barrier requirements.

Printed Specialty Films
We supply our customers a wide variety of custom printed films. Printing capabilities include up to eight colors on single and laminated structured films. Applications include tray pack and lidding films as well as parts and pouch bags.

Polyethylene Bags and Sheeting
Atlantic’s offerings include all types of polyethylene bags and sheets individually cut or perforated on rolls. We’ll help size and specify liners for your bins and boxes. Bin covers, layer sheets, and wicketed bags are packaging products we offer as well.

Shrink Films
Shrink films are available in either polyethylene or polyolefin for your wrapping and bundling requirements. They can be printed in up to eight colors with line or process prints in roll stock or converted wicketed bags.

Industrial Films and Bags
We offer box liners, large and small poly bags, printed bags and pouches, can liners, and reclosables. Our films and bags are offered in a variety of different substrates including low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), high-density polyethylene HDPE, metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (mLLDPE), co-extruded multi-layer films, and monolayer films.


The equipment we offer for flexible packaging includes full lines for case erector packaging; vertical form, fill, and seal equipment; bag inserters; horizontal form, fill, and seal equipment; vertical bagging systems; vacuum packaging equipment; automated bag on a roll systems; and shrink equipment.

Beyond equipment sales, Atlantic is in uniquely positioned to be able to offer technical expertise and equipment integration. We design full packaging systems at competitive pricing – from equipment and stretch film, to folded cartons, labeling, tapes, strapping, and more.


Packaging Lines
We design and integrate ergonomically designed equipment installations for packaging efficiency. Automation equipment optimizes your packaging line for efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment
These machines are a great solution for bagging a wide range of items from frozen chicken to plates and other stacked products. They can also be easily optimized with scales, counters, and feeders for your unique packaging needs, ensuring consistency and product protection. We are proud to represent Matrix as an industry leader in equipment solutions for flexible packaging.

Bag Inserters
These machines allow for more efficient bulk case filling by assisting in the insertion of a bag inside a box or tray. We offer automatic and semi-automatic options that provide precise bag placement for quality results.

Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment
These automated packaging systems form, fill, and seal products into flexible pouches or bags by conveying material through the machine in a horizontal configuration. These machines are ideal for high-speed operations that handle large volumes of product.

Vacuum Packaging Equipment
Automatic and semi-automatic vacuum packaging equipment allow businesses to increase the shelf life of the food they produce. Vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) equipment are great options for maintaining food quality.

Automated Bag on a Roll Systems 
These automated packaging systems allow operators to drop items into pre-opened bags before the equipment seals the parcel shut, encapsulating the product. Save your packaging operation time when bagging a variety of items with automated bag on a roll systems.

Shrink Equipment
We offer a wide selection of shrink packaging equipment including manual and fully automated systems. Every piece of shrink equipment we sell is supported by a sales and technical team that understands the importance of rapid response, overnight production, and the requirement for limited downtime. Learn more about shrink packaging.


The Flexible Packaging Team at Atlantic has multiple decades of experience working with flexible packaging systems and materials across a range of industries, most critically the food processing industry. Our consultative approach and dedication to optimizing packaging processes help businesses to operate more efficiently, save money, and reduce material waste.


The food processing industry, in particular, offers unique challenges for packaging because we’re dealing with fresh products and extreme time sensitivities. We have such great success with our customers in this field due to our rapid response time and dedication to providing superior customer service.

This fast turnover time is possible because Atlantic has a wealth of resources in terms of equipment, parts, materials, and, most importantly, people. The people at Atlantic are among the most dedicated, experienced, responsible, and reliable staff you can find anywhere.


Our packaging professionals don’t operate under layers of management. Every member of our team holds accountability for responding to our customers. We all work toward the same goal of delivering the best possible service and this dedication is the reason that our customers count on us for their packaging needs year after year.


Atlantic has worked for multiple decades to build a reliable and powerful Flexible Packaging Program for our customers.

Due to the sheer volume of business that we do, we are able to drive down pricing on our packaging supplies and materials, hold a great deal of inventory for fast turnaround, and provide technical expertise that greatly benefits our customers.

All of these factors contribute to the high level of trust that our customers have in us to fulfill their complete packaging needs.


We specialize in national programs for major companies, managing the logistics of multiple plant locations coast-to-coast and offshore. Due to the breadth of services and supplies we offer, customers are able to switch from multiple packaging vendors to one, streamlining and consolidating their end-of-line logistics. Our printing and laminating abilities allow us to convert films into flexible packaging that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Atlantic provides the unique opportunity to combine commodity and specialty materials with advanced packaging equipment. We coordinate the supply of these elements into your production schedule, so your internal network can focus on your process.


We supply a variety of packaging materials including co-extruded barrier, shrink, laminated, and all grades of polyethylene films. Bagging and wrapping are only part of Atlantic’s wide range of material offerings. We can also assist in the development and design of custom-printed materials.

We further support your production with on-site technical representatives that provide the intense responsiveness demanded to keep your lines up and running. In addition to supporting all of your flexible packaging needs, we can also provide your operation with folding cartons, inserts, labels, and a variety of other packaging materials to create a packaging program unique to your business.

Whether you’re looking to consolidate vendors or streamline logistics, we invite you to take advantage of Atlantic’s deeply integrated involvement in servicing businesses with multiple locations around North America and the Caribbean .


Our Film Lab is an incredible scientific resource that provides an unparalleled benefit to our flexible packaging customers. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to assist in the flexible packaging audit process.

Here our engineers can test the properties of a film that our customer is currently using and gauge their needs as far as the application where the film is being used.


We learn a great deal about film properties and capabilities when we test in our Film Lab. The data we collect and our expert analysis provide direction to our sales and technical personnel, so they can make recommendations that will add value to our customers’ packaging operations.


Our film specialists use the equipment in our Film Lab to provide evidence-based results that demonstrate to our customers exactly how a film can affect their overall packaging performance.

Using this data and then monitoring the performance of the films used in flexible packaging applications promotes trust in our process, materials, and overall packaging service.

You can trust Atlantic to provide materials, equipment, and service above and beyond the competition.

Learn more about the Film Lab.


The initial audit we perform for any new customer is the foundation of Atlantic’s flexible packaging process. Our specialized film technicians analyze your current flexible packaging equipment, materials, and overall process.


The audit drives our recommendations for optimized systems and materials. It provides a basis for measuring performance of new film or different adjustments to the existing equipment. Rather than providing a price quote up-front on a project, we begin with the audit and then determine the most accurate price quote based on our observations and recommendations.


In addition to the data collected during the audit, our customers also benefit from the decades of experience behind our sales, support, and technical teams. Our collective knowledge and resources give us insights into how flexible packaging can be best utilized in nearly every application. This allows us to cut costs, decrease downtime, and improve the overall packaging operations for our customers.

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“We manufacture flexible packaging in-house to provide significant value for our customers. Converting films into high-quality packaging through custom printing and lamination allows us to provide solutions made to the exact specifications of our clients.”

Bonni Gamble  
VP, Flexible Packaging

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“We’ve been providing custom flexible packaging to a variety of industries for decades. Our vast resources and ability to create complete packaging programs for our clients truly set us apart. We know the challenges of our customers, and we respond accordingly.”

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