Shrink Sleeves

360° Full-Body Graphics

Showcase Your Brand & Stand Out on Store Shelves

Catch the eyes of customers and provide valuable product information with shrink sleeves.


Full-body packaging with up to 10-color printing, ideal for unique container shapes and custom graphics.


Our sales team and service technicians are well versed in implementing and maintaining shrink sleeve application equipment to keep your operations running efficiently.


Increase product safety by using a tamper-evident perforated seal that leaves the rest of the label intact.


We use 3D proofing, color consistency testing, and digital printing on samples to ensure correct lines and accurate distortion on all shrink sleeves.


Our quality control process protects your brand and protects your product, ensuring consistency and quality for every sleeve we print.


When you want to bundle your products together for a special retail sale, multipack banding for shrink-sleeved products will help your product stand out on the shelves.


The scope of Atlantic Printing and Graphic’s ISO registration is:
“The Design, Manufacture (Lithographic, Flexographic, and Digital Printing and Related Converting and Finishing Processes), and Delivery of Printed Materials, including Labels, Shrink Sleeves, Folded Cartons, and Commercial and Advertising Items.”

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Shrink sleeve packaging is ideal for beverages, drinkable yogurts, shampoos, beauty products, and household and automotive items that you would find in a retail store. This type of labeling gives you the opportunity to use full-body, 360° graphics to show off your brand and highlight unique selling points. This can really make a difference in helping your product stand out from the competition and influence consumer decision making.

At Atlantic, we specialize in printing shrink sleeves with color consistency and 3D proofing to make sure your brand looks its best. We also supply and service shrink sleeve application equipment so you’ll run at optimal efficiency with your packaging operation.

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Custom, Full-Body Shrink Sleeves



Brands have an ever-increasing demand for unique and interesting containers. The creative touch of a new bottle style can help set your product apart on the shelf. The beauty of shrink sleeves is that they give you the freedom to choose the container you want and still have the graphics and marketing messages you need.


Shrink sleeves also give you the flexibility to switch up your container presentation and product offering, from single items to double packs – or more – banded together.


At Atlantic, we design and print shrink sleeves for a range of container shapes and sizes with quality processes that ensure the the integrity of your brand. We also have the equipment expertise to get you set up with a shrink sleeve application system that meets your demands for production.

With creativity, collaboration, and perseverance, we’ve been able to meet the challenges of sleeve design and application for some of our customers’ most distinctive containers and brand-specific artwork.

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Your shrink sleeve application system must have an accurate and efficient process resulting in a clean and professional presentation for your container. From the conveyor, to the bander, and through the steam tunnel, you want your bottles moving through the line with ease and coming through ready for the spotlight.

Our sales and technical engineers work with a range of equipment and systems, from manual applications for contract packagers, to more complex, fully automated applications on designer bottles. Extensive trial-and-error testing and single-color comp work will ensure that your shrink sleeves are applied with consistency and accuracy, every time.

Whether you’re banding multiple items together or giving your single item a sleek look, Atlantic has the resources and expertise to set you up for success.



Tamper evidence is critical to ensuring the safety of your customers. Whether you’re producing food and beverage products, health and beauty products, or household items, tamper-evident seals communicate trust and security in your brand.

With shrink sleeves, we can produce a perforated seal to show tamper evidence which can be removed without compromising the body of the sleeve.

Our label experts will work with you to determine the best application for your sleeves including the tamper evident seal.


The ability to preview your shrink sleeve before they go to print saves time and money in the development phase.

Sleeves often require a degree of distortion in printing to account for the varying points where the sleeve shrinks around the bottle. Because of this distortion, it can be difficult to gauge or approve the sleeve by simply looking at it before it gets to the bottle. And running physical prototypes adds time and costs to the project.

That’s why we offer 3D proofing.

Our proofing software allows you to see an accurate 360-degree, three-dimensional rendering of the shrink sleeve on your bottle for your approval before we go to print. You can view the sleeve from all angles and be confident that your container will come out looking exactly like how you approved.

This 3D imaging also gives you an excellent marketing resource that you can use to show off your product on your website, through email, and on print materials.



We have an extensive process for quality control in our printing and graphics facilities. In order to provide consistent quality packaging for our customers, our Quality Control Team regularly audits and tests our products and processes to ensure they are to industry standards and the specific standards of our clients. Atlantic is committed to setting data-driven, measurable objectives that will continually improve our quality systems and our offerings.


Beyond standards and regulations, Atlantic is committed to protecting your brand and making it shine. Our presses and personnel ensure that the proofs we show you on your shrink sleeves will match exactly with the sleeves we run on our equipment for your final product. We preform spectrodensitometer testing for color consistency and tensile strength testing for material quality as well.

Making your brand’s packaging look its best on your products is our priority when it comes to printing and applying your shrink sleeves. You can be confident that with Atlantic as your partner, your products will shine on the retail shelves.



Use eye-catching shrink bands to pack multiple items together and help your product stand above the competition. Multipacking is a great way to move additional inventory, introduce a new and related product, or feature a seasonal discount. It’s also a creative way to bundle your products and influence consumer buying decisions.

Multipacking opens up opportunities to change your product offering as needed. It also can differentiate your product on the shelf to attract buyers. The team at Atlantic can help source, design, proof, print, and apply your multipack banding for a clean and professional presentation.

Whether you’re offering a special value on twin packs or piggy-backing a trial size product, multipacking with shrink bands gives you a competitive edge with your retail packaging.



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“With designers pushing the limits on bottle shapes, shrink sleeves provide a solution to custom container decoration. Add 360-degree billboard graphics, and you have a dynamic presentation.”

Beth Whiteside
Director of Labeling Operations, Printing & Graphics