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Packaging Line Design, Integration & Automation

Packaging Equipment Automation and Support

We have the equipment and expertise to maximize the efficiency of your packaging line.


Our engineers and technicians design full packaging line solutions to take your product from the point of manufacture to its final destination safely and securely.


Our project management provides organization and transparency throughout each step of the process to ensure an efficient process with complete accountability.


Our mechanical engineers create CAD installation designs of a customer’s full packaging line and implement those plans from start to finish.


We include full AutoCAD Electrical design and installation as part of our design and automation services as well as any custom electrical work needed to complete the line.


As the final piece of the integration process, implementation requires dedication and commitment from our whole team to deliver a successful and fully integrated packaging line.


Expertise abounds at Atlantic with a full staff of engineers, technicians, and material specialists with the knowledge and experience needed to build an integrated packaging line.

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When it comes to designing fully integrated packaging lines, Atlantic is an indispensable resource for knowledge and insight of layout, integration, mechanical and electrical components, and implementation.

Our design and automation services give us the ability to create packaging lines that match your production and meet your demands for speed, sustainability, accuracy, and performance.

Atlantic is more than an integrator. Our in-house engineers, technicians, and material specialists have tremendous expertise as well as advanced software and equipment, so we can deliver a comprehensive packaging program that doesn’t end with the equipment installation. We are dedicated to engaging in long-term partnerships with our customers to ensure their ultimate success as they continue to grow and develop.


Automation, Integration, & Implementation


Our engineering team has the expertise and capability to design and implement complete packaging line integration to improve efficiency, increase throughput, and reduce downtime. Beyond the installation of your packaging line, our team of sales, support, and tech service personnel are dedicated to your long-term success.

We perform preventative maintenance on equipment to improve uptime and optimize performance. We respond quickly to troubleshoot any problems to get you back up and running as fast as possible. Our in-house technicians have decades of experience with packaging equipment and integration and are adept at finding creative solutions to keep your packaging line running at its absolute best.

Trust Atlantic as your partner in packaging and be confident that our expert team will do what it takes to ensure your end-of-line is as efficient, sustainable, and consistent for peak performance over the long term.

Our customers benefit greatly from having Atlantic assume the project management role in any packaging line design, automation, and integration project. We set milestones, create tasks, schedule work, and report back to our customers on our progress. Our process is organized and transparent so our customers know exactly how the project is progressing. We are committed to accountability throughout each step of the process. When it comes to design, automation, and integration of complex packaging lines, you can rely on Atlantic from start to finish.
Engineers and integrators at Atlantic create all the CAD installation drawings of a full packaging line once we’ve met with a customer to understand their needs, collaborate on ideas, and decide what equipment is right for the application. Mechanical design services are a critical part of the design and automation process, and Atlantic provides this service in-house as a part of the overall project. This allows us to take ownership of the packaging line and to have the best possible control over the outcome. Our ultimate goal is the success of your packaging line, whether that’s improved efficiency, sustainable optimization, increased throughput, cost savings or all of above. Our mechanical design services are an important part of helping us achieve that goal.

Atlantic’s design and automation services include full AutoCAD Electrical. Many industries must comply with strict requirements as far as the electrical structure of their packaging line and our designs are built to these specifications, including compliance with UL 508A control panel architecture.

Our in-house electrical engineers design and install all the electrical componenets of your custom packaging line for optimal energy efficiency and performance. Their  expertise in packaging integration work means that our customers receive a line that is built to their exact needs and specifications from the ground up.

We are also adept at innovating new tools and machinery if a creative approach is needed for a unique packaging challenge.

Atlantic is an invaluable source of electrical engineering expertise in your packaging line integration.


We specialize in the implementation of carefully created custom packaging line designs that will provide you with efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.


For large projects involving fully automatic, integrated packaging lines, we will set up a factory acceptance test to run the equipment, test the performance, perfect the settings, and demonstrate the full line for our customer. Upon approval of the system, the Atlantic Team moves the line on-site and replicates the system and settings. We work quickly and efficiently to implement the system to minimize downtime.

Implementation is a critical part of the process and one that requires dedication and commitment to the ultimate success of the line. With Atlantic as your partner in packaging, you can be confident that our team is fully committed to your long-term success.

Atlantic invests heavily in our people because we understand that knowledge, experience, and expertise are how we provide superior service to our customers and create meaningful business partnerships. We have expertise in sales, design, project management, implementation, technical service, and customer support. We combine these resources to create fully automated packaging lines that will contribute significantly to our customers’ success now and in the future.

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“We are dedicated to designing packaging equipment end-of-line systems in-house from start to finish so we can engage in a long-term partnership with our customers.”

Chip Bennett
VP, Equipment & Automation