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Want to reduce secondary packaging and still protect your unit load?

We can help if:

  • Your last attempt to reduce secondary packaging failed
  • You have trouble seeing the big picture of load containment
  • You don’t think it’s possible to save money with high-performance film
  • You want to know what you can learn from a site audit
  • You need testing to prove load containment standards
  • You need a way to monitor stretch wrapping performance

How Can We Help You?

Sustainably Optimize Your Beverage Packaging

Brands are making huge strides in sustainability using less material in product packaging. But if you’re not careful, this reduction in packaging can lead to load failure. We can help you find out why loads are failing and how you can prevent product damage during transportation at the Packaging Solution Center.

Our scientific approach to packaging allows us to optimize, standardize, and validate your packaging for transportation to minimize product damage, material usage, and packaging spend. The MUST Program brings consistency and monitoring to stretch wrapping for maximum load containment with optimal film use.

Another innovative solution we have helped pioneer for the beverage industry is Canopy™, a curbside-recyclable alternative to PE shrink film for tray bundling. Canopy™ is here to improve the circularity of your packaging operations, and Canopy™ Equipment can be retrofitted to existing bundling machinery or installed as a dedicated high-speed bundler.

We also have a solution if you’re looking to eliminate single-use plastics from your consumer-destined beverage packaging. Fishbone is the recyclable can carrier system that replaces PE 6-pack rings and HDPE caps.

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Sustainable, Optimized Beverage Packaging Solutions


At the heart of our packaging solutions for the beverage industry is our use of high-performance films for pallet wrapping. Our years of experience working specifically with beverage packaging are put to work in finding more and more advanced strategies that solve problems for our customers while reducing load failure and optimizing the way the film is used.


When you partner up with Atlantic for your pallet wrapping, you gain the insight and experience of our sales and customer service team as well as our in-house technicians. This powerhouse of a team can make recommendations and adjustments to your overall pallet wrapping system, including equipment and film, that can support the most difficult loads in a cost effective way.

The expertise of our team helps to save money on both the front end, by reducing internal packaging or reducing the amount of film used, and on the back end, by making adjustments to the prestretch settings or containment force that can significantly reduce the threat of load damage.


As a company, Atlantic is prepared to see our beverage packaging customers through changes and advancements in the industry. Our pallet wrapping solutions don’t start and end with selling film. We look at the big picture – from your existing equipment and specific applications to your requests for improvements or changes – and can have a hand in the whole packaging process to ensure that your products get out the door safely and efficiently.

See more info about our Stretch Packaging Materials and Equipment.


Shrink and stretch packaging solutions for the beverage industry require creativity, balance, and finesse. The challenges presented when dealing with pallets of beverages, whether carbonated or still, are met with a team of specialists at Atlantic. We know and understand the unique needs of the beverage packaging world.


Atlantic invests heavily in human resources, employing engineers and technicians that specialize in film properties and application.

Our experts work to source or design films specific to your unique application. The prestretch ratios are optimized for ideal performance, and a balance is found between prestretch and containment forces to provide optimal protection without damage to the product.


The technology and resources at our disposal, particularly with our Film Lab and through our MUST monitoring program, allow us to address the demands of stability, consistency, and product protection through the optimal application of material.

Stretch film properties cannot be detected simply by looking at the film. Problems are often found only after there has been damage. That’s why our MUST Stretch Film Management Program is such an important part of our service to our beverage packaging customers. MUST continuously audits film application and collects data that our engineers can use to recommend adjustments for improved product protection, ultimately resulting in significantly less film usage and lower unit costs.


A partnership with Atlantic for your full beverage packaging operations is valuable in terms of lowering costs, reducing damage, minimizing downtime, optimizing for sustainability, and improving efficiencies.


We have the opportunity to make the most significant impact for our customers with our consulting services, which encompass a big-picture, comprehensive analysis of the packaging equipment, material, application, and operator training as well as an understanding of the beverage industry and advancements in packaging strategy and technology.


Using the Atlantic team as a consulting partner for beverage packaging provides a source of knowledge on the back end that allows our customers to confidently make packaging changes as needed to meet demands as they arise.

The value that Atlantic brings to our customers is the expertise, knowledge, and the technical resources that empower businesses to significantly optimize their equipment, materials, and material application.


The Atlantic Film Lab in the Packaging Solution Center is an incredible resource for our partners where our technicians can test and qualify films for your specific application. This allows our sales team to know for certain, with empirical data, that we can handle a specific issue you are facing.


Our Film Lab represents potential cost savings for our customers. With our testing environment, we can make recommendations for down gauging shrink or stretch film, and we can discover the real capabilities and tolerances needed for a particular application. The optimal application of high-quality material for consistent load containment often reduces overall product damage and material usage, saving your organization money on packaging while using less.


The Film Lab gives you confidence that you are making the best possible changes or adjustments to your equipment and film to match an application. The data we gather in the Film Lab allows us to make educated recommendations to our customers based on accurate, real-world testing.

Learn more about our Film Lab.


The MUST Stretch Film Management System is one of the most valuable opportunities we can offer our beverage packaging customers. This system ensures that the recommended settings for your stretch wrapping equipment – as they pertain to the specific application of film for maximum load containment – are maintained over time. MUST allows our service technicians to track shifts in wrapper performance, so they can investigate the cause of the change and make any necessary corrections.


The MUST System begins with an audit of your current stretch wrapping operation. Once our team has an understanding of your product, equipment, film, and film application methods, we can begin optimizing the entire stretch wrapping process and monitoring it for consistent load containment on every pallet. MUST hardware can be installed on any automated stretch wrapper, and MUST software alerts you and our team to any deviations from the benchmark load containment standard set in place. This allows us to act quickly in resolving any issues relating to your organization’s stretch wrapping operations.


Our primary objective with MUST is to virtually eliminate damage and loss during shipping. The under application of film results in load failure and the over application of film wastes unnecessary resources. MUST helps you implement, maintain, and monitor the ideal stretch film application for your products.The data our system collects on your stretch wrapper helps us ensure that every unitized load leaving your facility is wrapped correctly to minimize damage, overuse of material, and costs.

The MUST System monitors every load that is wrapped on a given stretch wrapper, and the amount of film applied to a load is recorded and graphed in real-time. If a load is wrapped out of the engineered benchmark, production knows immediately.

MUST Monitoring gives plant personnel the necessary tool to ensure that no load ever leaves their facility with improper stretch film application.

Learn more about Atlantic’s MUST Stretch Wrap Monitoring Program.


From our Film Lab to our MUST Stretch Film Management System, Atlantic helps our customers eliminate waste and variability in pallet wrapping. This, in turn, helps eliminate substantial amounts of plastic in the waste stream while also reducing total film costs for the customer.

Our goals are to help our customers achieve sustainability in terms of optimizing equipment and film standards in beverage packaging. Setting and maintaining these standards will optimize the amount of film used for pallet wrapping and improve maximum load integrity, ultimately reducing product damage and waste.


Atlantic represents a strategic blend of manufacturing of packaging materials, distribution of those materials, and consulting on packaging process and efficiency. For the beverage industry, we combine all of these resources to help our clients achieve success.


Our converting operations produce products used widely in the beverage industry, including slip sheets, tie sheets, pallet covers, and corner boards for optimal product protection during transit.


Our Printing & Graphics division produces high-quality labels and shrink sleeves used for beverage retail packaging. We also make labels and inserts used during the packaging process.


Explore Atlantic and find the ultimate source for all your beverage packaging needs, from manufactured goods, to stretch film, equipment, and consulting expertise.

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“Our ability to understand the unique shipping needs of our customers places us in the best position for effectively wrapping pallet loads at the lowest possible cost.

Ric Lee
Director – MUST Stretch Film Management System