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Packaging Innovation Through Design, Testing, Optimization, and Monitoring

Our scientific, data-driven approach to packaging allows us to refine, standardize, and validate your packaging for transit to minimize product damage, environmental impact, and packaging spend.


We simulate real-world transit conditions on state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure product protection, minimize material usage, and reduce costs.


We work with our partners to design and sustainably optimize packaging that meets their unique business needs.


Determine how your product and packaging will react to varying temperature and humidity levels.


Custom automation installations provide your business with efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. 


Using pack stations and automated fulfillment lines, we address many of the challenges facing the e-commerce industry today.


Our testing equipment helps you find the optimal flexible packaging for your unique application.  


We are creating a closed loop for stretch film with our recycling equipment that creates high-quality PCR resin.


We train and educate our customers about the science behind load containment and conduct facility tours of the Packaging Solution Center.


Atlantic is Certified by the International Safe Transit Association.
Get the official industry backing you need to certify your testing and the efficacy of our provided solutions.

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Our goal is to expose the science behind packaging to create proven solutions for our customers through simulating and measuring real-world transit dynamics. Load containment testing allows us to optimize your packaging to minimize product damage, material usage, and costs.

In addition to our testing capabilities, the Packaging Solution Center features an end-of-line packaging automation showroom, including e-commerce fulfillment equipment; our Packaging Research & Film Lab; our MUST: Stretch Film Management Program; and our custom packaging design team, factoring heavily in our mission to achieve more sustainable packaging.


Testing, Design, & End-of-Line Automation


Atlantic Packaging is a member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and operates a state-of-the-art packaging testing laboratory in the Packaging Solution Center. Our testing capabilities are vast to create proven standards for load containment and product protection for our partners’ packaging. Our scientific, data-driven approach to packaging testing allows us to standardize and validate packaging for your unique business needs. We design, test, optimize, and deliver packaging that will minimize damage, meet your sustainability goals, and provide an unforgettable unboxing experience.


Our table recreates real-world transit conditions experienced by unitized loads or single parcels with an emphasis on truck and train transportation to test and validate packaging performance. It has an 8,500 lb capacity and customizable attachments simulate the cross-sectional width of a trailer. Vibration, magnitude, frequency range, and duration are adjusted to ensure your unique product and packaging have consistent load containment during transit. Standard vibration equipment only moves up and down, while Atlantic’s table vibrates loads by moving in multiple directional combinations.

To recreate a particular transit route on the vibration table, we install a field data recorder on the actual truck bed that travels that route. This recorder has an internal triaxial accelerometer and sensors that let us analyze the effects of motion, impact, and vibration. Once the data is collected on the recorder, we replicate the exact conditions on our Multi-Axis Vibration Table. The Packaging Solution Center also offers prebuilt vibration profiles to recreate common transportation scenarios.

Vibration Direction Combinations:
• Roll: Rotation around the front-to-back (X) axis
• Pitch: Rotation around the side-to-side (Y) axis
• Vertical: Movement up and down the Z axis


The sled realistically simulates the impacts of acceleration, braking, truck docking, rail switching, and railcar coupling on unitized loads or single parcels during transportation. Impact velocity and acceleration levels are adjusted to ensure your unique product and packaging are up to protection standards. Sensors and cameras collect data for analysis to determine where a load is shifting or failing during stability and shock events. Acceleration and impact events are simulated with low g-force, long-duration braking events, and we can configure the sled to provide high g-force, short-duration shock impacts as well.


Our Drop Tester determines how a product and package reacts to flat, edge, and corner impacts of varying amplitude, frequency, and height. The drop leaf quickly moves down and out from under the package allowing for its free fall. This powerful machine allows us to see how your packaging configuration will hold up against drops and shocks in the supply chain.


This piece of equipment evaluates the performance of unitized loads or single parcels under compressive force applied from above. It has a compression capability of 30,000 lbs and is great for determining how pallets or products will perform when stacked under pressure in a warehouse or during transportation.

Packaging testing conducted on our equipment complies with industry-standard specifications, including ASTM and ISTA. If you are in need of complete packaging testing, we are here to serve you.

Learn more about our testing equipment.

Learn more about your ISTA-testing capabilities.


The Packaging Solution Center’s Custom Packaging Design Program is perfect for businesses interested in developing new packaging configurations or improving upon existing packaging. We audit your current packaging and application processes, develop new custom designs tailored to your unique needs, and validate packaging for transit with our suite of sophisticated packaging testing equipment.

Throughout this process, we document our research and findings to confirm that your new packaging is optimized to meet your exact needs for product protection, circularity, material reduction, unboxing experience, and cost savings.

We have automated packaging equipment in-house to replicate and refine your material application process. Whether you are refining a stretch film wrap pattern, creating a new custom corrugated box or folding carton, or improving your void fill application methods, we have the equipment, materials, and engineers to help you meet your packaging goals.

If you have a packaging challenge or are in need of packaging optimization, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Environmental testing on packaging can reveal vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may lead to product damage or spoilage in different climate conditions, safeguarding against wasted resources and damaged brand reputations.

Our environmental testing chambers condition products and packaging designs to varying temperatures and humidity levels. This allows us to determine exactly how a packaging configuration will perform in any climate.

Environmental testing is important for understanding how new materials and packaging configurations will react in different regions around the world. It is important to take into consideration how your packaging will hold up against hot, humid climates; cold, dry environments; or any outdoor conditions to best protect your product and better understand how your product and packaging interact.

As the cold chain industry continues to grow and evolve, we are on the cutting edge of research for cold chain shipping coolers. Cruz Foam’s Cruz Cool is a sustainable and compostable shipping cooler that replaces traditional EPS foam coolers. We’ve done extensive research into cold chain technologies and are working to provide sustainable solutions for the cold chain industry.

By utilizing environmental testing, companies demonstrate a commitment to responsible resource management, aligning with consumer preferences and regulatory requirements for safe, eco-friendly packaging solutions.


We take pride in providing our customer’s with custom end-of-line automation, integration, implementation, and support.

Automated packaging equipment provides efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings for your business. Our team of engineers create custom automation solutions tailored to optimize your packaging operations.

We offer a wide array of trusted Design & Automation equipment solutions and tailor them to your unique packaging needs, specializing in…

  • Case & Tray Forming & Sealing
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment Automation
  • Shrink Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Material Handling
  • Coding, Marking, & Labeling
  • Straping & Banding

We invite you to make an appointment at the Packaging Solution Center to see packaging automation in action and determine how these integrated systems can help your shipping process.



At the Packaging Solution Center, we’ve brought together a variety of solutions to help meet the challenges of the ever-growing  e-commerce industry.


A big challenge in e-commerce fulfillment is choosing the right box to accommodate a vast variety of product combinations being packed and shipped at any given time. If a box is too big, you end up using too much void fill material, adding to both cost and waste, and you increase the dimensional weight of the package, increasing shipping costs.

If you leave it up to the packer to choose the right size of box, you’re adding time and human error to the equation.

We can demonstrate solutions that not only address the issue of right-sizing boxes but that also automate the packaging process for consistency, sustainability, and speed to save you time and money.


The basic assumption when consumers shop using e-commerce is that their products will arrive safely and intact. It’s critical for brand owners to get this right because studies have shown that consumers will associate a damaged product with the brand, not with the carrier.

Our e-commerce showroom offers the latest in protective packaging materials and equipment from both Sealed Air and Ranpak to help you choose the solution that will best protect your products and fit your packaging needs.


Brands invest an incredible amount of time, money, and energy into crafting their retail store experience for customers. A big challenge here is how to translate this store experience into the e-commerce experience at the doorstep.

We can show you options in branded and customized packaging materials that can help deliver an intimate and memorable customer experience in a box.


Atlantic’s Film Lab is devoted to studying and testing the characteristics of all types of films used in packaging applications.

One section of our lab is devoted to stretch film, and additional equipment is dedicated to testing polyethylene film, bags, and sheeting, including shrink wrap.

Our testing equipment, expertise, and position in the supply chain allow us to determine the ideal material and application method for your product’s packaging to prevent damage during transit, redundant material usage, and unnecessary costs.

Overall, the lab represents a tremendous source of value for determining the ideal flexible packaging for your product.

Click Here to Download Our Film Lab Info Sheet



Our Stretch Film Recycling Program creates high-quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin from the performance stretch film we recapture from our partners, allowing it to be repurposed into new stretch film.

After we receive bales of used stretch film from our customers and search them for any contaminants, our stretch film recycling installation shreds, granulates, and transforms the film into PCR resin pellets that can be repurposed for new stretch film applications.

At Atlantic, we’ve been innovating upon stretch film for decades. We’ve assisted in the development of some of the highest quality stretch films on the market, and our MUST Stretch Film Management Program allows businesses to standardize, optimize, and monitor their stretch film application for consistent load containment with minimal material usage.

We are working to close the loop on stretch film to improve the circularity of such a crucial packaging material. Stretch film is essential for creating unitized loads from pallets of stacked products. It allows manufacturers to get their products to retailers and distribution centers efficiently and without damage. Businesses now have the ability to recapture their used stretch film and send it back to Atlantic for recycling, reducing the use of virgin material and limiting carbon emissions over the long run.



The Packaging Solution Center is a great place to learn about the packaging industry, and we enjoy sharing what we know with our partners. We provide tours to those interested in learning more about our testing processes, film lab capabilities, automation equipment, stretch film recycling installation, sustainable packaging programs, and custom packaging design offerings.

We are here to help you make more informed decisions about your materials, equipment, and processes to ultimately cut costs, reduce damage, improve sustainability, minimize material usage, and improve efficiency.

Our packaging specialists are happy to offer industry-leading packaging testing, equipment demonstrations, comprehensive training sessions, and custom packaging designs tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you have a packaging challenge or are in need of packaging consulting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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“If one of our customers is experiencing damage in transit, we can re-create that specific route in our center to see where and how their products are failing. This allows us to create customized packaging solutions based on scientific data, virtually eliminating shipping damage and reducing overall packaging costs. ”

Kyle Pischel
Lead Engineer, Packaging Solution Center