Custom Corrugated

Corrugated Packaging
Design & Converting

Custom Corrugated

Corrugated Packaging
Design & Converting

Custom Corrugated

Corrugated Packaging
Design & Converting

ISO & BRC Certified

Custom Corrugated Packaging


We create custom corrugated packaging that fits your product perfectly.


Testing and analysis are to ISTA standards at the Packaging Solution Center.


Custom die cutting to create corrugated packaging for your specific product.


Kitting and assembly ideal for your custom protective packaging.


Our inventory and logistics programs ensure you get your packaging on-time.


Offering a variety of custom corrugated products, from honeycomb to partitions.


Our custom corrugated facility has ISO registration

Custom Corrugated

We create corrugated packaging to meet your unique product’s needs. From design and prototyping to die-cutting, printing, folding, gluing, kitting, and assembling, we’re your source for custom protective packaging from start to finish.

We efficiently fulfill orders for custom designs, multiple SKUs, and multi-component packaging with interior forms. In addition to this, we offer inventory management and just-in-time delivery for partners interested in saving warehouse space, so you can focus on making your products and leave packaging to us!

With specialized equipment, including our jumbo press and rotary die cutter, we offer improved efficiency, quality, and cost-cutting. We even go the extra mile for you with package testing and analysis at the Packaging Solution Center to ensure the integrity of your final product.

Count on Atlantic for all your custom corrugated needs.


Custom Corrugated Solutions


Our in-house packaging engineers design, test, and optimize corrugated packaging for your unique product based on the principles of product protection, material reduction, and unboxing experience.

We offer competitive pricing on a variety of design services and have the testing capabilities to ensure your product is optimally protected during transit.

CAD tables and the utilization of 3D software allow us to design and prototype new packaging solutions for our valued partners. These packaging configurations can then be tested in accordance with ISTA and ASTM protocols at the Packaging Solution Center to ensure they will perform during transit.


Along with custom packaging designs and prototypes, we also offer state-of-the-art testing at our Packaging Solution Center.

Our Multi-Axis Vibration Table, Horizontal Impact Sled, Drop Tester, and Compression Tester allow us to optimize, standardize, and validate your packaging for transit to minimize product damage, packaging spend, and unnecessary material usage. Packaging testing conducted on our equipment complies with industry-standard specifications, including ASTM and ISTA.

We can also measure the amount of pressure the side of a corrugated box can withstand with the Mullen Burst Test and use the ECT Test to measure the top-to-bottom compressive strength a corrugated box can withstand.


Die cutting is at the heart of our custom corrugated operation.

From the results of the design and testing processes, we create unique dies to manufacture the pieces of your custom corrugated package.

We have a wide range of specialized converting equipment and skilled operators that allow us to serve you with efficiency, flexibility, and superior customer care.

Our die-cutting equipment, folder-gluers, stitching machines, and various other manufacturing installations allow us to provide custom corrugated packaging for the most uniquely shaped products.


Some packaging configurations require additional assembly of interior forms to strengthen a box or separate products.

Atlantic can provide you with individual components or preassembled multi-component containers as needed to meet demand with just-in-time delivery.

Kitting saves on time and costs associated with packaging assembly and inventory management.


Our warehousing services are expansive, saving inventory space for our partners and allowing them to receive their packaging as soon as it is needed on our private fleet of trucks.

The packaging distribution centers we operate are strategically located across the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America, offering millions of square feet for storage of our clients’ packaging.

We offer vendor-managed inventory and barcoded inventory along with direct, just-in-time (JIT) delivery to save your operation warehousing space and time.

Get the custom corrugated packaging you need, when you need it, with our inventory management, logistics, and warehousing.


Everything we create here is made custom exactly for your needs, but here’s an idea of the kinds of products we create:


  • Slotted Boxes
    • Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)
    • Half Slotted Containers (HSC)
    • Overlap Slotted Containers (OSC)
    • Full Overlap Slotted Containers (FOL)
  • Telescope Boxes (Telescope-Style Boxes)
    • Full Telescope Designs (FTD)
    • Design Style Containers (DSC)
  • Folders (Folder-Type Boxes)
    • One Piece Folders (OPF)
    • Display Trays or High Wall Trays
    • Roll End Trays With Locking Covers
  • Rigid Boxes
    • Bliss Style Containers
    • Bliss Style Containers With End Flaps
  • Self-Erecting Boxes
    • Four Corner Trays
    • Pre-glued Auto Bottoms With RSC Top Flaps
  • Interior Forms
    • Liners, tubes, pads, honeycomb, build-ups (set-up boxes & assemblies), dividers, partitions (corrugated & chipboard), and other inner packaging pieces can strengthen a box and separate or cushion products.
  • Large Format Boxes
    • Oversized Boxes
    • Gaylords
    • Bulk Boxes
    • Dump Bins
    • Watermelon and Pumpkin Boxes
    • Triple Wall Boxes
  • Retail Packaging & Displays (6-Color Direct Printing)
    • Digital Printed Boxes
    • Litho Label Laminated Boxes
    • Top-Sheet Litho-Laminated Boxes
    • Preprint Laminated Boxes
    • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Corrugated Pallets

“We provide custom corrugated packaging with efficiency, flexibility, and outstanding customer support. We’re unique in the marketplace for our ability to fulfill orders for custom designs, multiple SKUs, and multi-component packaging with interior forms.”

Brad Milner

Sales, Custom Corrugated Packaging

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“Our expansive offering of corrugated products and best-in-market lead times set us apart from our competitors in the packaging space. If you are in need of custom corrugated packaging, Atlantic is your go-to.”

Brooke Adkins  
Sales, Custom Corrugated Packaging