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Prevent Product Damage Through Optimal Load Containment

Stretch film prevents costly product damage and is a crucial component of B2B logistics.


True cost savings can only be achieved when you match high-performance films and optimized equipment. Just like your car, there are parts on your wrapper that wear out and need to be replaced in order to operate at maximum efficiency.


Stretch Film is not just about getting a pallet of goods from point A to point B. Stretch Film is about chemistry, it’s about film formulations that match specific customer applications. It’s about optimization.


Our material specialists help you find the ideal packaging for your unique product. We curate packaging programs specific to your business needs with superior customer service and care to create long-term partnerships.


Atlantic is committed to delivering data-driven results for our customers. Our state-of-the-art Film Lab facility further differentiates Atlantic’s position in the marketplace.


Anything that can be measured can be optimized. We create and test wrap patterns for your specific applications and then monitor them for consistent load containmnet with minimal material usage.


Every stretch wrap project begins with an audit of the current process, film, equipment, and application. We want to understand your goals when it comes to stretch wrapping.

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Atlantic embraces a holistic approach to stretch packaging. Our process of choosing a stretch film for a customer starts with an audit of their current operations to understand their product, needs, and goals relating to stretch wrapping. Our specialists source a film unique to your specific application and train equipment operators on the benchmark settings for consistent load containment and stretch film results.

Beyond the sale of equipment and film, we help monitor the stretch film operation to know that benchmarks are met with each application to maximize load containment and product protection while minimizing material usage and environmental impact.

We want to set you up for success with your stretch packaging and create meaningful long-term partnerships to ensure ongoing success.

Learn more about our end-to-end approach to stretch wrapping with the MUST Stretch Management System.


A Research-Based Approach to Stretch Film


Atlantic is one of the top Wulftec Distributors in the nation. Wulftec is a world leader in stretch film application equipment spanning semi-automatics, platform automatics, conveyorized turntables, rotary towers, and horizontal wrapping systems.

Wulftec today has become synonymous with leading edge electrical design and ruggedness of construction. AC variable drives are standard on all Wulftec models, ensuring lower maintenance and better reliability to save time and money. Wulftec automatics have top-of-the-line PLC’s to give you more control, flexibility, & scalability.

Wulftec’s stretch wrappers provide safety, efficiency, and reliability for your stretch wrapping operations.

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Stretch Film is a packaging product that is crucial for containing loads of goods as they travel from the manufacturer to the customer. It is the primary material for protecting and maintaining the integrity of unitized loads of manufactured products and is a critical component of effective packaging. It is a highly technical product that has evolved over three decades of development. Today’s high-performance stretch films deliver containment force and yield savings like never before in the industry.

Stretchfilm is a unique product in the packaging supply chain, primarily because it is designed to be stretched. It is a dynamic product. The performance and value of stretch film is completely dependent on proper manipulation, stretching, and application of the film. Pre-stretch, post-stretch, wrap pattern, and overlap must all be optimized to achieve the desired results. At Atlantic, we have the talent and the resources to design the right film and proper standards for our customers’ unique applications.

See info about our Film Lab testing and verification program.


To ensure that your products are wrapped properly and at the lowest unit cost, it takes expertise. It takes an experienced team of stretch wrapping equipment professionals and film experts working together to deliver lasting value.

At Atlantic, we focus on the entirety of the system. Our technical people understand equipment and stretch films on a deep level, and we understand how these components work together to deliver positive results for our customers.

We work to maximize load containment through the optimal application of stretch film to limit the waste of unnecessary film, saving you money and improving your operational sustainability.

Our team of packaging specialists, stretch technicians, PLC programmers, and engineers are here to work with our customers to create the best solutions for them.

“Stretch film has a tremendous amount of variability. Understanding technically how to get maximum machineability from the equipment is what our technical service group does best.”

— Chip Bennett, VP Engineering & Automation

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Our state-of-the-art packaging research and film lab in Charlotte, North Carolina, tests stretch films from across the industry to identify performance and application characteristics. We understand which film formulations deliver the best containment force, puncture and abrasion resistance as well as the best overall value for specific applications.

We have a database of operating windows for all the major stretch films and will always have a head start on film recommendations because of the extensive lab data we have gathered over the years.

Our film lab takes the mystery out of stretch wrapping.

Learn more about Atlantic’s Film Lab.

“One of the things we’ve been able to do with the Film Lab is really begin to analyze the impact of different wrap patterns, different force settings, different prestretch on pallet settings so that we know more about stretch film than anybody else in the industry.”

— Stewart Whitmire, VP Atlantic Packaging


Innovation and optimization are the cornerstones of the Atlantic stretch wrapping program. By taking a holistic approach to the entire stretch wrapping process from equipment, to film, to application we can create stretch wrapping standards that bring long-term sustainable value and savings.

We can virtually eliminate break, damage, and loss and deliver the lowest unit cost on stretch film all day, everyday.

Our MUST Stretch Film Monitoring System is a truly revolutionary system that tracks every load that is wrapped on a specific wrapping line to ensure it is receiving the optimal amount of film for ideal load containment without the overuse of stretch film. The system offers standardization in stretch wrapping like never before.

Learn more about our MUST program here.


When we discuss stretch film applications with a customer and there is an opportunity to upgrade equipment or optimize films, the first thing we do is audit your current operations. We want to see how the customer is currently using stretch film and what its properties are, what products are being wrapped, what pallet configuration is being used, how much film is currently being used,  what equipment settings are in place, what condition your existing equipment is in, how operator consistency comes into play, and the overall processes regarding application of stretch film. We also discuss any existing problems or concerns as well as the ultimate goals for your packaging operation.

This film audit reveals so much to our engineers and equipment specialists about opportunities where we can possibly downgauge films, use less film, tweak film properties, or adjust equipment settings to better match the application of film to your products. These kinds of changes result in improved load containment with less material waste and significant cost savings for our customers.

Beyond the initial audit and optimization, we employ our MUST Stretch Film Monitoring System to ensure the ongoing performance of your stretch film application for maximum product protection with minimal material expenditure.

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“The value Atlantic brings in stretch wrapping is performance, optimization, and consistency. Our program marries high-performance films stretched with optimized wrappers, standardized wrap patterns, and equipment settings to create well wrapped loads and save substantial dollars in annual spend.

Stewart Whitmire
VP Sales, Atlantic Packaging