Building Products Packaging

Unitization to Protect Your Products

Stop Load Damage

Increase Efficiency

Optimize Load Capacity

Get a handle on challenging or unruly loads.

How Atlantic can help:

  • Achieve unitized loads with testing and optimization
  • Effectively package products for safe and successful transport
  • Automate packaging lines for greater speed and consistency
  • Supply converted paper products such as printed corner boards and coated slip sheets
  • Strapping equipment, materials, and tools to package building materials
  • Industrial UVI coated stretch wrapping films and equipment



Packaging Expertise for Building Products Companies


The building products industry relies heavily on strapping and strapping tools, especially when it comes to lumber, flooring, roofing, and windows. It’s critical for the strapping materials to be strong enough to contain the products but applied in a way that won’t damage the goods and will be safe for handling.

We provide paper, steel, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and composite strapping to optimize the strapping process for your unique needs. Learn more about our strapping equipment and materials.


Let our team at Atlantic find the best possible and most cost-effective strapping solution for packaging your building products. We have the experience and the resources to supply you with the right material, equipment, and application method for your packaging needs. We also provide equipment for case strapping and pallet strapping as well as manual strapping tools to help you get the job done.



Atlantic is a leader in stretch wrapping, bringing our knowledge of films and equipment together to deliver a powerful solution for your stretch wrapping needs. We can help you achieve cost savings and reduce damage during transport by using the right films for your specific use, optimally applied by a stretch wrapping machine that is set up and monitored to maintain your unique benchmark settings.

Learn more about our stretch wrapping equipment and materials.


We have the materials to help you stretch wrap pallets of goods from bricks and blocks to spools of wire and concrete mixes. Our technicians are available to maintain your stretch wrapping equipment while our engineers and sales team can help tailor the best film for your application, including films that contain ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) agents for optimal performance.

Rely on Atlantic as your stretch wrapping source to ensure that your building products make it safely to their destination.


The building products industry deals with materials of widely different sizes, dimensions, and weights. When it comes to packaging smaller items, such as ceramic tiles or ceiling panels, Atlantic can help you find the case erecting and sealing equipment and materials that will both automate the packaging line for efficiency and help ensure the safe transit and storage of the materials.


Case erecting and case sealing are often the first steps in packaging line automation. Our sales and technical service teams are skilled at installing this equipment and sourcing the appropriate corrugated materials and tapes for your specific application. Our signature line of Benchmark Tapes are well-suited for the varied climates and environments that your packages will face.

Learn more about our case erectors, sealers, and packaging tapes.


Labels are an integral part of the packaging, inventory process, and sales of building products and materials. We manufacture custom labels that can be ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) coated for longer lifespans on exposed materials. Our label products include barcode, part number, identification, color-warning, and construction labels. In addition to industrial labels, Atlantic can also create retail labels and inserts that showcase your branding and messaging prominently on the retail shelves. Learn more about labels and our printing and graphics capabilities.


We also supply and install label applicators as part of your end-of-line packaging operation. These labeling systems help improve efficiency and productivity in your overall production environment.


At Atlantic, paperboard converting stands out as one of our most versatile services. Our converting operations produce slip sheets, latex-coated slip sheets, corner boards, printed sheets, and other paper goods to complete your packaging.


We are a unique supplier for the building products industry. Our comprehensive services include manufacturing, distribution, and expertise to ensure that our customers get the best, most competitively priced packaging materials available.

See more info about out industrial converting capabilities.


Our investment into clean, effective inkjet printing for nonporous materials such as PVC piping reflects our commitment to the building products industry. We understand the value of being able to print directly onto our customers’ manufactured materials, whether that’s metal, wood, vinyl, or plastic, and we have the solutions to make this happen.


Our inkjet printing solutions utilize high-quality products to ensure the best performance and long-lasting results. Contact Atlantic today to learn more about our inkjet printing solutions and other valuable ways we can serve the building products industry.

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“Atlantic has carefully aligned itself with the best critical packaging resources in terms of manufacturers, sales expertise, and technical support. A customer in the buildings products industry who chooses to do business with Atlantic can be assured they will get the full benefit of this comprehensive approach to help them find the right solution to meet their specific needs.”

Dave Richardson
Atlantic Sales – Building Products Packaging