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Do you need packaging that protects your critical products?

We can help if:

  • You need precision foam or corrugated packaging to protect automotive parts
  • You need Load Containment Testing to verify your packaging
  • You rely on VCI Films to protect your products
  • You’re looking for one vendor for packaging and supplies
  • You need accurate, detailed invoicing
  • On-time delivery is important to your production


Atlantic delivers measured results in everything we do for the automotive manufacturing industry. From on-time delivery to accurate, detailed invoicing, Atlantic meets the stringent demands of our customers when it comes to providing measured success.

We supply the automotive manufacturing industry with a number of products used throughout their processes, ranging from personal protection equipment and masking area supplies, to custom protective packaging for engines, wipers, and returnables.

Partner with Atlantic and gain a reliable and invaluable resource for supplies, packaging equipment, materials, and custom protective design.



Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging


We have the custom-converting capabilities to create corrugated packaging to meet your very specific needs. From design and prototyping, to die cutting, printing, folding, gluing, kitting, and assembling, we’re your source for custom protective packaging from start to finish.


The engineers working at Atlantic are adept at designing custom protective packaging used throughout the automotive manufacturing industry. Our packaging designs meet the rigorous specifications of the products devised by car manufacturers including windshield wipers, turbo engines, front bumpers, and more.


We welcome your most challenging demands when it comes to designing protective packaging for car and motor parts. Our brilliant engineers use the software, materials, and equipment in our custom packaging labs to create the best possible packaging that will work for your needs. We work to optimize your packaging process for improved product protection, circularity, efficiency, and cost savings.


Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center provides tremendous value for our customers when it comes to ensuring their packaging is ready for transit.

Our scientific, data-driven approach to packaging testing allows us to optimize, standardize, and validate your packaging to minimize product damage and packaging spend. Packaging testing conducted on our testing equipment complies with industry-standard specifications, including ASTM and ISTA.


This transportation simulator is designed to simulate real-world transit conditions including over the road trucking routes as well as shipping via ships, trains, and airplanes. Vibration, magnitude, frequency range, and duration are adjusted to ensure your unique product and packaging have consistent load containment during transit. We also have the ability to attach field-data recording equipment to your trucks to recreate the shipping routes you are experiencing damage on. Standard vibration equipment only moves up and down, Atlantic’s table vibrates products by moving in multiple directional combinations.


Our Horizontal Impact Sled realistically simulates the impacts of acceleration, braking, truck docking, rail switching, and railcar coupling on unitized loads or single parcels during transportation. Using cameras to capture the motion of a pallet or product, we can slow footage down and analyze the point of load shifting to understand where that shift is occurring and where the packaging configurations are failing.

In addition to these testing equipment installations, we also utilize a Drop Tester, Compression Tester, and Environmental Testing Chamber in the Packaging Solution Center.


Our goal is to scientifically test, refine, and validate that the packaging solutions we design at the Packaging Solution Center result in proper load containment, stability, and endurance for optimized product protection, efficiency, and sustainability. Learn more about load containment testing at the Packaging Solution Center and schedule an appointment to bring us your challenges.


Our automotive customers have many needs when it comes to supplies for the masking area. Because safety is a top priority in these manufacturing facilities and safety gear is a strict requirement, personal protective equipment (PPE) items are usually at the top of the list.


Atlantic supplies PPE items at competitive prices and with a quick turnaround delivery time. Protective eyewear, cut-resistant gloves, hairnets, and lab coats are some of the products we supply in vast quantities for our automotive customers.


We are also a reliable, cost-efficient source of tapes used in the masking area and throughout the facility, whether for taping car parts, for marking safety lanes, or for end-of-line packaging.

See our Tapes and Adhesives.


Atlantic’s experience working with customers in the automotive industry has shown us firsthand the important role that barcode labels play throughout every part of the manufacturing process. The need for accuracy is critical and the barcode labels affixed to each and every part are necessary to maintain this measured accuracy.

We supply clients barcode labels from our printing and graphics facilities and provide labeling equipment to meet the exact needs of our automotive customers. Above all else, we are reliable and responsive, able to fulfill critical orders for labels, supplies, packaging needs, and more in a timely and accurate manner.


The creation of volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) products has been a critical development in the success of transporting and storing metal automotive parts. Atlantic is a supplier of VCI films and papers used to protect metal car parts from corrosion caused by exposure to moisture, salt, and air during shipment and storage.


Atlantic takes great pride in being able to deliver the VCI and other specialized supplies you need when you need them.

We have an exceptional warehousing and logistics program with warehouse locations throughout the U.S. and overseas to accommodate your inventory quantities. We also go the extra mile to meet demands when it comes to a surge in orders or fluctuations in the market.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items are indispensable products when it comes to maintaining the safety and health of employees in the automotive manufacturing facilities.

From protective eyewear to cut-resistant gloves and hearing protection, we have a vast supply of PPE products to meet every need for wearables in the automotive manufacturing plant.

We are committed to meeting your needs for safety. Rely on Atlantic as your single, cost-saving source for PPE products and supplies.


Atlantic customers in the automotive manufacturing industry require a multitude of sanitation and janitorial products to maintain the cleanliness of their facilities.

We know automotive plants are vast facilities with hundreds of workers in and out every day. The safety requirements and high standards for cleanliness dictate the need for a large volume of cleaners in order to keep up with these demands.

Our customers trust Atlantic to have the cleaning supplies they need at the volume they require and with timely, accurate delivery. Thanks to Atlantic’s Inventory Management Program, we ensure that you always have the products you need as you need them. Partner with Atlantic and be confident that we can fulfill all of your automotive packaging and supply needs.

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