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We can assist you with:

  • Auditing your fulfillment center for process improvements
  • Identification of material conversion opportunities for curbside recyclability
  • Right-sizing packages for optimal dimensional weight and lower shipping costs
  • Automate fulfillment with variable orders at scale
  • Direct-to-consumer shipper design for enhanced customer experience
  • Turn-key solutions for design, sourcing, testing, and validation

Sustainable E-Commerce Scaled

Product protection, circularity, and unboxing experience are factors that are crucial for your brand’s e-commerce packaging and your customers’ overall perception of your business.

We help our partners streamline and sustainably optimize their packaging operations to navigate peak demand, maintain cost efficiency, and create loyal brand advocates.

Your customers will appreciate and remember consistent quality packaging that reflects your organization’s values and commitments to sustainability. 


“Atlantic’s e-commerce team is dedicated to the successful management of packaging programs that require large quantities of customized inventory facilitated through global and domestic sources. These programs are typically complex with lots of moving parts, however, we collaborate diligently with our partners to determine accurate consumption forecasts and meet all customer requirements in a timely manner. With support from our international logistics team, we are committed to offering the highest level of service throughout the year and especially during peak season.”

Mary Munns
Sales Support, E-Commerce Fulfillment


Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging Solutions


If your customer places an order online and the products arrive at their doorstep damaged, it’s likely that they’ll associate that damage – and their disappointment – with your brand, not with the carrier. Product damage also wastes valuable resources and money, and damaged products are often returned or sent to landfills as consumers find them unusable.

The solution you choose for protective packaging plays a critical role in your customer relationships and retention.

When it comes to e-commerce, packaging is not just a commodity. It’s part of the entire experience. It affects damage control, brand awareness, sustainability efforts, and the unboxing experience at home.

Atlantic has developed strategic partnerships with best-in-class companies in protective packaging for our e-commerce customers. When you come to the Packaging Solution Center, you’ll find the latest in equipment and materials from a variety of vendors in our equipment showroom. You can test and verify protective solutions for your products right here on site or choose from our selection of curbside-recyclable mailers to minimize environmental impact.


Customers ordering online expect speedy deliveries. To remain competitive, you need to offer a quick turnaround, and in order to do that, you need to be efficient in how you pick and pack your orders.

Automation is the key to helping you become more operationally efficient, especially during peak seasons, and automated fiber-based mailer systems and curbside-recyclable protective packaging allow you to sustainably optimize your packaging process.

At the Packaging Solution Center, our equipment showroom allows you to see and try out the latest innovations in e-commerce automation with your own products. We also provide packaging testing in accordance with the International Safe Transit Association, so you can be certain of how your product and packaging will interact throughout the supply chain.

E-commerce automation equipment allows you to refine your packaging process for material reduction, cost savings, and product protection.


Choosing the most appropriate size box or mailer for your e-commerce shipment helps to minimize shipping costs by optimizing dimensional weight and reducing void fill material usage. This also helps create a more positive customer experience by eliminating excess packaging materials.

Atlantic develops custom automated fulfillment systems tailored to your business needs. We can create, design, and implement packaging installations that help you meet your product protection, sustainability, and efficiency goals.

Right-sized boxes with curbside-recyclable void fill and custom-sized mailers allow your business to ship your products safely and sustainably.

Learn more about how we can help you streamline your fulfillment process with automation equipment.

Achieve less waste, less cost, and a better customer experience.


Your customers care about the environment, and they especially don’t want to feel like they’re part of the problem when they receive their e-commerce package. They want a right-sized package that is easy to recycle and perfectly protects products.

Minimize waste, reduce your environmental impact, and align with your customers’ goals for sustainability by optimizing your boxes, mailers, and void fill materials.

Automated fiber-based mailers, paper-based void fill, and right-sized case sealing equipment are great for e-commerce operations that want to improve their operational efficiency and minimize their environmental impact.

As your e-commerce business grows, you’ll need innovative ways to reduce materials while still protecting your products. At Atlantic, we’re committed to optimizing your packaging to achieve these goals and to help you show your customers that you care about the environment.

Test out our systems at the Packaging Solution Center and find the approach to sustainability that works best for you.

We invite you to learn more about sustainability efforts and curbside-recyclable mailers for e-commerce fulfillment.


Recreating the retail store experience at your customer’s doorstep is a unique challenge in e-commerce. As online shopping continues to grow, you have the opportunity to really stand out among your competition by providing a memorable, positive unboxing experience.


With custom-branded packaging, your customers sense the care and thought you put into their purchase. They are likely to appreciate this, feel a positive association with your brand, and become a loyal returning customer.

Some customers will even feel inspired to share a picture or video of them unboxing a package if it comes in a uniquely designed box or mailer. This word-of-mouth marketing is a strong promotion of your brand and shows that you’re building customer loyalty.

Atlantic and our partners offer options in branding, messaging, and important packaging details to help give you an edge in e-commerce fulfillment and customer experience. Visit the Packaging Solution Center to see for yourself and to learn more about how you can develop branded packaging that stands out.

“Sustainability is a critical focus in the packaging industry, and automation plays a significant role in helping customers reduce their environmental impact. Automation equipment allows e-commerce businesses to optimize their packaging for consistency, efficiency, and material reduction. We work with our partners to provide scalable solutions that improve productivity, allowing our customers to provide end users with curbside-recyclable options.”

Alex Lombana 
Sales, E-commerce Automation

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“Atlantic Packaging’s e-commerce program is geared toward delivering maximum value to the customer in the areas of fiber-based automation, unique and bespoke designs for brand enhancement, and customized programs for multi-location facilities that require the highest levels of daily service.”


Eric Farmer

VP, E-Commerce Fulfillment