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  The value Atlantic brings in stretch wrapping is performance, optimization and consistency. Our program marries high performance films stretched with optimized wrappers, standardized wrap patterns and equipment settings to create well wrapped loads and save substantial dollars in annual spend.  

Wes Carter
VP Atlantic Packaging

Wes Carter

Carter wes lg

Wes Carter

Wes Carter is the third generation leader of Atlantic Packaging. The company origin traces back to his grandfather, Horace Carter, and its history is as ingrained in Wes's personal story as it is in his professional career.

As a young kid, Wes remembers visiting his grandfather’s office and the Tabor City facility. He has vivid recollections of the people, the place, and the culture of support that Atlantic encouraged both at work and in the community.

His working experience with Atlantic began when he was in high school and was employed during the summers in the Wilmington warehouse, sweeping floors and driving forklifts. It was here that he learned firsthand the work ethic that sustains Atlantic to this day.

After graduating from UNC with a degree in journalism, Wes recognized that Atlantic provided an opportunity where he could have a creative and challenging career and also contribute to the family business in a meaningful way. He worked his way from the warehouse, to a role in customer service, to sales support, and then to earning his own accounts and gaining insight and experience that would propel him to a senior leadership position.

In 2016, Wes was named President of Atlantic Corporation and was activated in all aspects of the operation. Today, he's the driving force behind the development of the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC, where Atlantic will be the first company in the industry to offer a Multi-Axis Transportation Simulator to test for and create standards in load containment.

Wes is inspired by the work ethic and talent of the people at Atlantic. He's committed to investing in the future of the company represented by our people, resources, equipment, facilities, and overall growth year after year. Wes believes this is what has given us the ability to serve the complex packaging needs of Fortune 500 manufacturers and what has moved us into the spotlight on a national scale.


Stretch Film & Equipment

Atlantic embraces a holistic approach to stretch packaging. Our process of choosing a stretch film for a customer starts with an audit of their current operations to understand the product, the needs, and the goals of the stretch wrap application. Our specialists formulate a film unique to the specific application and train operators on the benchmark settings for the stretch equipment.

Beyond the sale of equipment and film, we help monitor the stretch film operation to know that benchmarks are met with each application.

We want to set you up for success with your stretch packaging and then stay with you to ensure your ongoing success.

Learn more about our end-to-end approach to stretch wrapping with the MUST Method.

Stretch Equipment

Wcrt 200 wulftec stretch wrapper

Atlantic is a dealer for Wulftec, a world leader in stretch equipment spanning semi-automatics, platform automatics, conveyorized turntables, rotary towers, and horizontal wrapping systems.

Wulftec today has become synonymous with leading edge electrical design and ruggedness of construction. AC variable drives are standard on all Wulftec models, ensuring lower maintenance and better reliability to save time and money. Wulftec automatics have Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC's to give you more control, more flexibility, and more expandability. Wulftec's 25" ring gear bearings carry 10 year warranties and NO-THREAD prestretch technology provide the safest and lowest cost film wrapping possible.

Stretch Film

Stretch Film is the primary packaging product for containing loads of goods as they travel from the manufacturer to the customer. It is the primary material for protecting and maintaining the integrity of manufactured products, and is a critical component of effective packaging. It is a highly technical product that has evolved over three decades of development. Today’s high performance stretch films deliver containment force and yield savings like never before in the industry.

Stretch film is a unique product in the packaging supply chain, primarily because it is designed to be stretched. It is a dynamic product. The performance and value of stretch film is completely dependent on proper manipulation, stretching and application of the film. Pre-stretch, post-stretch, wrap pattern, and overlap must all be optimized to achieve the desired results. At Atlantic, we have the talent and the resources to design the right film and proper standards for our customers’ unique applications.

Discover more about stretch film properties with our Strech Film University.

Atlantic's Benchmark Stretch Films

Machine Films

High Yield / Performance Sustainable Films
Thin Gauge 20" & 30" Specialty High-Performance Films
Heavy Duty Commodity Films
Short Roll Lengths & Utility Films, avaialable in 20" & 30"
Specialty Orbital Riger Films
Benchmark Heavy Duty Machine Film Boxed (for less than pallet users)

Hand and Boxed Film

Benchmark Gold Premium Hand Film
Benchmark Standard Handfilm
High Yield Sustainable Handfilm
EZ Pre-Oriented Handfilm
Special Formulation Blown Handfilms (for standard or cold temperature applications)

Benchmark green stretch film reduce reuse recycle2

  You can sell a customer the best film in the world and enable him to downgauge 25%. You can set his machine up and walk out the door. If you don't come back, if you don't help monitor his equipment, if you don't educate him on what is important and why, it could all fall apart within a month's time.  

John Cook
Films Polymer Chemist

John Cook

Cook john lg

John Cook

During his time with Dow Chemical in the 1970’s, John led a product development team that introduced Dowlex polyethylene for both molding & film applications, including the resin used to produce the first LLDPE based, high performance stretch wrap, Mobilwrap X. His work at Mobil Chemical in the 1980’s contributed to the development of cast LDPE for food packaging and blown and cast LLDPE for flexible and industrial films including stretch wrap. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, John helped develop industry leading stretch films for Linear Films (now AEP) and Pliant Corporation, later acquired by Berry Plastics. A number of leading stretch films were developed under his direction, including ADW and ADU at Linear and R122, R410, folded edge Stratos cast handwrap, and Stratos machine films at Pliant.

Today, John heads our Packaging Film Lab in Charlotte, NC and is our resident materials specialist. His knowledge and experience are put to work in developing film products as well as selecting films for our customers or replacing existing films for better performance and cost savings. John has worked in the development of trash can liners, coextruded food packaging films, laminations, and PVC flow wrapper films.

John’s position with Atlantic brings his expertise together with our sales and technical teams for the best possible outcome for our customer. We don’t let film manufacturers control the conversation. John’s knowledge and insight together with data gathered in our Packaging Film Lab are focused on delivering the best possible films to our customers for their specific applications.


Our Team

To ensure that your products are wrapped properly and at the lowest unit cost, it takes expertise. It takes an experienced team of stretch wrapping equipment professionals and film experts working together to deliver lasting value.

At Atlantic, we focus on the system. Our technical people understand equipment and stretch films, and we understand how these components work together to deliver positive results for our customers.

Our team of packaging specialists, stretch technicians, PLC programmers, engineers, and polymer chemists are here to work with our customers to create the best solutions for them.

  Stretch film has a tremendous amount of variability. Understanding technically how to get maximum machineability from the equipment is what our technical service group does best.  

Chip Bennett
VP Engineering Automation

Chip Bennett

Bennett chip lg

Chip Bennett

It is no exaggeration to say that Chip has lifelong experience working with packaging equipment. Growing up in Long Island and then North Carolina, Chip worked for his father’s shrink equipment company and started building shrink wrappers in his teens. He mastered mechanical and electrical engineering throughout his 18 years with the company and developed several shrink packaging designs with his father that were patented over the years.

The technical expertise he gained with packaging equipment and the relationship he formed with Pat Caccavella during that time led to a career move over to Atlantic in 2007.

Chip started here as an Equipment Sales Specialist and soon after joined the Senior Management group, taking on a role in running Atlantic’s Equipment and Technical Division. Chip brought a new level of structure and organization to our growing technical service and integration programs. He has continued growing this sector of Atlantic’s service offering and also works as a project manager and hands-on with programming, integration, design, testing, troubleshooting, and customizing equipment solutions for our customers.


Film Lab

Elmendorf tear test poly film

Our state of the art packaging and film lab in Charlotte, NC tests stretch films from across the industry to fingerprint performance. We understand which film formulations deliver the best containment force, puncture and abrasion resistance as well as the best overall value for specific applications. We have a database of operating windows for all the major films and will always have a headstart on film recommendations because of the extensive lab data we have gathered over the years. Our film lab takes the mystery out of stretch wrapping.

Learn more about Atlantic's Film Lab.

  Our ability to understand the unique shipping needs of our customers places us in the best position for effectively wrapping pallet loads at the lowest possible cost.  

Doug Turley
Stretch Packaging

Doug Turley

Turley doug lg

Doug Turley

Before entering the packaging industry in 1988, Doug launched a successful career in operations and multi-unit management, starting out of college with The Honey Baked Ham Co as their original store manager in Atlanta and opening a number of Atlanta locations. From there went to work with United Parking as their Director of Operations.

Doug transitioned to working in sales for a small packaging company with a focus on the carpet and flooring industries of North Georgia. It was here that he saw first-hand his customers' challenges with applying stretch wrap to their product and was even instrumental in helping to develop a unique stretch-wrapping machine for automatically wrapping rolls of carpet.

Doug went on to form Specialized Packaging Systems in 1996 with his mentor in the business, Tedd Mendelsohn, where they were repeatedly the #1 distributor for Wulftec brand stretch wrappers. They sold their business to Atlantic in 2004 and joined forces with the team here, using the strengths and assets at Atlantic to continue to build and grow their national accounts.

Doug’s success in his own business and now with Atlantic stems from his ability to understand the unique needs of each of his customers and to consult on the best practices for effectively wrapping pallet loads and achieving the lowest possible costs. He has built his career on providing measurable results for his customers when it comes to setting up and maintaining equipment and establishing optimal material usage.

Atlantic is privileged to have Doug on our team. He is a dedicated, responsive, and strategic resource for our customers.


Our Program

Innovation and optimization are the cornerstones of the Atlantic stretch wrapping program. By taking a holistic approach to the entire stretch wrapping process from equipment, to film, to application we can create stretch wrapping standards that bring longterm sustainable value and savings. We can eliminate break, damage and loss and deliver lowest unit cost all day, everyday.

Our MUST Monitoring system is a truly revolutionary system that monitors every load that is wrapped on a pecific wrapping line. The system offers standardization in stretch wrapping like never before.

Learn more about our MUST program here.

Must stretch film application monitoring hardware

Must stretch wrap monitor mobile


When we discuss stretch film applications with a customer where there is an opportunity to upgrade equipment or optimize films, the first thing we do is audit current operations. We want to see how the customer is currently using stretch film - from the products being wrapped, to the loads, the film properties, the amount of film used, the equipment settings, operator consistency, and the overall application. We also discuss any existing problems or concerns as well as the ultimate goals for the packaging operation.

This film audit reveals so much to our engineers and equipment specialists about opportunities where we can possibly downgauge films, use less film, tweak film properties, or adjust equipment settings to better match the application. These kinds of changes result in less material waste and significant cost savings for our customers.

Beyond the initial audit and optimization, we employ our MUST Stretch Film Monitoring equipment to ensure the ongoing performance of your stretch film application.