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 Atlantic has served the furniture industry for over 40 years. We understand the unique needs of the industry and have the ability to be a complete supplier for furniture companies

Mike Clapp
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Mike Clapp
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Mike Clapp

Mike started working in packaging in 1978 with the company that was then Henley Paper Co. in Hickory, NC. He worked his way up from a printing paper salesperson and customer service agent to industrial purchasing, operations manager, and then branch manager in 1985.

Mike and many of the Hickory employees moved over to Atlantic when we acquired Henley Paper in 1999. He continued to keep up with his sales accounts while also managing the branch.

Historically, Hickory has been a hub for furniture makers and Mike is a key sales person serving this market through our valuable inventory and supply distribution that includes spring up webbing, spring up twine, steel strapping, threads, and panels made in Hickory’s converting operation. He also consults on packaging equipment and materials for a diverse range of industries located in western North Carolina.

Mike’s knowledge and experience in packaging, inventory management, and supply distribution for the furniture industry in particular makes him an incredibly valuable asset for our customers.

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Atlantic has a 40 year history of working with furniture makers, providing supplies for the sewing room, spring up area, and packaging operation, all at the lowest possible cost and with the fastest possible response time.

Our experience in the furniture industry has equipped us with the knowledge and understanding to be able to meet the unique needs of furniture makers. We maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with our vast selection of supplies and materials and with our unwavering dedication to our customers.

Sewing Room

Atlantic is a valuable partner for furniture makers because of our comprehensive selection of sewing room supplies together with the materials and equipment we can provide for the spring up area and packaging operations.

Your source for industrial sewing supplies

For the upholstery sewing room, we provide high quality sewing thread, bobbins, and welt cord.

We can offer competitive pricing on our sewing room supplies because of the volume of business we do with furniture makers and the long and valued history with our vendors.

When reliability matters

Upholsterers and furniture makers have come to count on Atlantic as their main supply source for sewing room needs due to our positive track record delivering the supplies they need when they need them.

We are dependable, we deliver a fast turnaround, and we have competitive pricing.

Count on Atlantic to deliver the sewing room supplies you need on-time and at the lowest possible unit cost.


Spring Up Area

Atlantic is in a unique position to be able to offer materials and equipment used in the spring up area along with our sewing room supplies and full line of packaging needs.

Supplies for every part of your operation

Spring twine for 8 way hand tied furniture as well as bandsaws and cardboard panels are all part of Atlantic’s offering for upholsterers and furniture makers in the spring up area.

Simplify your supply chain and count on Atlantic for your sewing supplies and spring up area material and equipment needs.

Packaging Materials

Shrink fast gun

Packaging equipment and materials are at the heart of what Atlantic can offer to an upholsterer and furniture production customer. We are a packaging, warehousing, and supply distribution company with technical expertise unsurpassed by our competitors.

The packaging materials we supply to furniture makers include shrink bags for upholstery and material, drapes for underneath the shrink bags, wooden leg protection materials, and more.

Efficiency is our business

We are in the business of delivering increased efficiency to our customers. Our comprehensive program for furniture makers includes sewing supplies, materials to aid in production, warehousing, inventory, packaging materials, equipment, and technical service.

We can offer cost competitive pricing on our entire selection and also help you save time, energy and resources when you’re dealing with fewer vendors.

A Partner You Can Trust

Trust Atlantic to supply the equipment and materials for your packaging operation and be confident that you will have what you need, when you need it, and that you will be up and running at optimum performance with minimal downtime.


One of the distinct advantages that Atlantic can offer our customers in the furniture industry is a reliable and cost saving stocking program.

Partner with Atlantic and get our team working for you!

We will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the supplies you need at the optimal inventory levels to help maintain production and manage cash flow.

We oversee inventories and manage distribution and logistics for our customers. We are a reliable partner, 100% dedicated to our customers’ success.

Use our stocking, inventory, and logistics program to maximize efficiencies throughout your production and packaging process.

Learn more about our Inventory Management Program.

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Geographic Location

Atlantic is a family-owned company with local North Carolina roots. Although we’ve grown and expanded significantly over the nearly 70 years we’ve been in business, we still maintain small company values.

Our customers’ needs always come first and we deliver products on-time, at low cost, and with outstanding customer service and industry-leading expertise.

Greensboro and Hickory, North Carolina

Atlantic branches in Greensboro and Hickory, NC are ideally suited to serve the furniture production industry. Our sales and customer service teams as well as our packaging equipment technicians are on-hand to provide the supplies, materials, and help you need, when you need them.

We know you take great pride in being a “Made in the USA” industry and we share that same passion.

Choose Atlantic and be confident that you have a partner with the values and integrity of a small, local company, but with the capabilities and competitive pricing of a large, national company.

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