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  Atlantic has a broad offering of wearables, cleaning supplies, personal protection packaging materials and equipment at competitive prices so it's a win / win for our customers.  

Steve Rafferty
Pharmaceutical Industry
Steve Rafferty
Rafferty steve lg

Steve Rafferty

Graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 1980 and first trying a career as a production supervisor, Steve quickly moved into a sales position with Dillard Paper in 1982 that would utilize his love of working with people and interacting with customers on a daily basis. He became a fixture at Dillard Paper (later acquired by Xpedx) for the next 21 years where he found great success in the medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Steve (along with fellow salesperson Joe Hogan) saw significant opportunity for growth at Atlantic and, in January 2003, took a leap of faith in the middle of his career by leaving Xpedx and joining the Atlantic team. He and Joe built up the Raleigh branch of Atlantic where Steve continued his focus on packaging and supplies for pharmaceutical manufacturers. These customers have stringent specifications to meet in all their product packaging and Steve has been able to ensure that they meet these requirements on a consistent and reliable basis.

At Atlantic, Steve also began working with customers in the automobile industry, which he found shared a similar need for pristine cleanliness in the production environment with his pharmaceutical customers. Steve gained a great deal of insight and experience working in these fields and now specializes in serving these industries for Atlantic. He brings outstanding value and integrity to his work and a positive attitude that brightens all our days.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Device

Atlantic has been working with the pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical device industry for decades. The relationships we've built with our customers over the years has helped us to understand first-hand the unique products, special needs, and specific applications that your industry presents.

We know the importance of having high quality cleaning supplies for maintaining the integrity of cleanrooms and sterile manufacturing facilities. We know that you need a responsive and dependable supplier for all your wearables, personal protection, and packaging materials at competitive costs. Atlantic fills that role and more.

We have the ability to be your one-stop-shop for supplies, shrink packaging, end of line packaging materials, and equipment to keep your costs down, to simplify your purchasing, and to be there for you as a reliable partner every time you need us.

Cleanroom Supplies

Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have to meet extremely sensitive requirements that dictate the state of their cleanrooms and also the state of any person or thing that enters the room.

Atlantic understands the critical nature of cleanroom maintenance and has the ability to supply the wearables and the cleaning supplies necessary to meet your requirements.

We have the supplies you need

Rely on Atlantic to supply the following cleanroom needs and more: sterile gloves, coveralls, masks, shoe covers, face masks, lab coats, sleeves, aprons, hairnets, alcohol-based cleaning supplies, and non-shedding cleanroom wipers.

We are responsive

At Atlantic, we make it a priority to respond as quickly as possible to every order and request from our customers. For the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, this means that you can depend on Atlantic to get the cleanroom supplies you need - from wearables to wipes - when you need them.

In addition to being quick and responsive, Atlantic is also able to offer cost competitive pricing on our cleanroom supplies to ensure that you get outstanding service and supplies while protecting your bottom line.

End of Line Packaging

End of line packaging materials and equipment are vital parts of your operation that need to be up and running at optimal efficiency to keep up with production and protect your product as it goes out the door.

Your partner for packaging equipment and materials

We have the ability to supply packaging equipment such as case erectors, packers, and tapers as well as stretch wrapping, strapping, and labels to cover all of your packaging needs.

We also supply tamper evident labels and packaging to ensure you meet all necessary packaging requirements.

Ongoing Technical Service

Our expert technicians can optimize existing equipment, install new equipment, recommend the best materials for your specific applications, and provide ongoing service for all your packaging machinery. Learn more about Atlantic's Technical Service.

Whether you require fully automated or semi-automated end of line packaging, Atlantic is a reliable partner for all your technical service, material, and equipment needs.

  Our customers know that Atlantic will ship them the product that is specified, and they will have the level of quality that is absolutely critical for their business.  

Joe Hogan
Sales, Pharmaceutical
& Medical
Joe Hogan
Hogan joe lg

Joe Hogan

Following in his father’s footsteps, Joe decided early on to pursue a career in sales that would allow him to engage with people and businesses in a meaningful and resourceful way. He got started with Dillard Paper in Raleigh in 1991 where he was fortunate to find excellent mentors in the industry, including Steve Rafferty.

Both Joe and Steve came to Atlantic in January 2003 to start a branch in the Raleigh area. They moved to the current Youngsville, NC office when Atlantic acquired Asheboro Paper and from there they would continue to serve the greater Raleigh market with added capacity for inventory management and custom packaging solutions.

Joe had been working closely with customers in the pharmaceutical and medical product industry and continues his work in that field today, specializing in distribution and contract packaging. He also works with accounts in the food industry, primarily with cartons and labels as well as end-of-line packaging.

Joe is an incredibly talented salesperson. Using the resources that Atlantic can offer, he takes an analytical, creative approach to finding the products that his customers need and develops tailored solutions for packaging and supplies that help them achieve their goals. He is truly an asset to Atlantic and to each of his customers.

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Shrink Packaging

Our capabilities with shrink wrap film, shrink tunnels and machinery are a critical resource for our customers.

Technical expertise

The value that Atlantic can offer to our medical device and pharmaceutical customers lies in our in-house technical expertise. We help determine the proper equipment, settings, and films for each unique application. Our goal is to have you using the optimal gauge and amount of film and have you operating efficiently and at the lowest possible cost to you.

Beyond the sale

Atlantic sales specialists, support team, and technicians stick with you beyond the sale of our packaging equipment. We provide ongoing support and service on all packaging equipment, including maintenance to ensure optimal performance and repairs to reduce downtime.

Trust Atlantic to be a partner in your packaging operations. We consider ourselves an extension of your team and are committed to your success.

See more information on our Shrink Packaging.

Labels, Inserts & Cartons

Tamper Evident

Labels have become a critical part of the packaging process for our pharmaceutical customers, especially with the introduction of tamper evident labels that ensure optimal safety of the product. Atlantic has an in-house Printing & Graphics operation that handles creation of these labels, as well as labels for identification and retail purposes. Atlantic also features label applicators that work at high speeds. These applicators attach the label wherever you need it on your package.

Custom Carton Design

Atlantic has a full time Carton Designer on staff (see Danny Woodlief on our Experts page) to help create custom cartons that meet the exact specifications of our pharmaceutical and medical device customers. We are attuned to the sensitivities in this industry for meeting stringent requirements and we help make sure that all your exact needs are met for folding carton designs and production. Atlantic carries the whole line of different paper board substrates that can be used to make your folded carton.


In addition to printing and folding inserts containing instructions and details about the product, Atlantic can also help outfit your operation with the right equipment and technology to apply these inserts in the way that best fits your needs. Our folded insert Applicators make sure that your production lines continue to run at the speed you need.

Count on Atlantic as your one-stop source for printed needs including labels, cartons, and inserts.


Many of our current medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing customers came to Atlantic for low prices, excellent service, and quality products for their wearables including lab coats, aprons, gloves, hairnets, shoe covers, face masks, coveralls, and more. They stay with us for reliability, prompt service and industry knowledge that comes with years of experience.

Fast turnaround, competitive prices

The bottom line for our offerings as far as wearables comes down to the attentive service we provide and the prices we can promise.

Beyond that, our customers also look to Atlantic as a one-stop-shop for wearables, cleaning supplies, personal protection, and packaging materials and equipment.

Save money, get a reliable partner, and reduce your paperwork and administrative tasks by choosing Atlantic as your primary supply source.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an integral part of the work environment in the medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Our customers rely on Atlantic to provide quality PPE products at competitive prices with a responsive, quick turnaround time.

Stay safe with Atlantic

Atlantic is a valuable source of materials and equipment needed to ensure the safety and protection of all your workers. Count on us for quality products and excellent service when it comes to safety glasses, ear protection, breathing equipment, dust masks, and protective clothing.

Sterile Cleaning Applications

In our experience working with customers in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, we have come to understand just how important it is for the cleanroom and manufacturing facility to meet specified requirements for cleanliness and sterility. Our cleaning supplies and applications allow you to meet those stringent demands.

We deliver on time, as needed

When you partner with Atlantic as your cleaning supply source, you can be sure that we will deliver what you need, when you need it. The sterile conditions of your facility are intrinsic to your overall operations and we are here to make sure you have the necessary supplies so that those cleaning needs can be met.