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MUST, Material Usage Standards Tracking, was developed by Atlantic Packaging to address the excessive cost of pallet wrapping due to the inherent variability and waste in stretch film application.

Our objectives are to drive load consistency, optimized standards, improved sustainability and maximum load integrity. When monitored correctly, these standards virtually eliminate damage and loss during shipping.

Load shifting and damage occur not only from under application of stretch film but also from the improper stretching and improper application of adequate amounts of film.

Atlantic’s MUST program accomplishes these objectives through a monitoring and communication system that continuously audits film application for improved product protection at significantly lower unit costs.

MUST hardware is also retrofittable to virtually every brand of stretch wrapper available today so our customers can get the full value out of their existing equipment.

For manufacturers utilizing automatic stretch wrapping equipment in high volume, MUST delivers immediate value and consistency in stretch wrapping like never before in the industry.

Over application of film leads to increased costs and under application can result in load failures. These problems emerge from day to day operator changes and deteriorated film carriage performance.

When operators reduce force levels to avoid film breaks during the wrap cycle, they use more film and compromise load integrity. Deviations from optimal wrap pattern settings contribute to further complications.

The film carriage is the main component on a stretch wrapper that manipulates film, and as with all mechanical devices, its performance degrades over time. When the rollers become smooth and out of alignment, the prestretch values begin to wane.

In order to deliver maximum holding force at the lowest cost, high performance stretch films should be pre-stretched 250-300%. Unfortunately, to the naked eye, a load wrapped at these percentages is indistinguishable from a load wrapped with much lower percentages. As pre-stretch diminishes on a wrapper, there is no way to measure this issue without physical testing. These “sub-par” conditions can exist for days, weeks or months before they are corrected. UNTIL NOW.

The M.U.S.T. Stretch Wrap Monitoring System from Atlantic Packaging is protected by U.S. Patent 8,001,745