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Labels and shrink sleeves are among the most important aspects of product packaging for bottles and containers.  These help sell your product on the retail shelves and are what the consumer interacts with every time they use your product.

Your labels and shrink sleeves have a lot of heavy lifting to do.

Shrink Sleeves are ideal on bottled products for beverages, drinkable yogurts, shampoos, beauty products, household and automotive items.  They offer full body, 360° graphics to show off your brand and tell your customers all they need to know about your product. A shrink sleeve can use this kind of real estate to influence consumer buying decisions in the micro- seconds they take to scan the shelves.

At Atlantic, we specialize in creating shrink sleeves for customers starting with the design and printing all the way through bottle application. Our 3D Proofing and Quality Control processes ensure consistency and quality for every print run.  And we can handle tamper evident seals as well as sleeves for multi-packing.

For all your label and shrink sleeve needs, partner with Atlantic and let your labels do the talking.

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