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The Grant Thornton North Carolina 100® (known as the NC100) recognizes the scope and  impact of private companies in North Carolina. The list ranks businesses 1 through 100 based on revenue figures and has been updated and released every year since 1984.

This year, Atlantic ranks #17 and sits at the top of the category of businesses with revenue ranging from $300 million to $499 million. Our ranking increased from #22 last year.

Along with this substantial recognition, Atlantic also received an incredibly special honor. New for 2106, Grant Thornton announced the addition of individual award categories. Companies submitted their nominations and we are proud to announce that Atlantic President, Wes Carter, was chosen for the “Leader of the Future” category.

Here’s how they describe recipients of this award:

The business world is changing. Today’s most successful CEOs are tomorrow’s “Leaders of the Future.” This new breed of CEO is a forward-thinking visionary. They have a laser focus on the future state their organizational success. Leaders of the Future are curious and innovative, accessible, agile, open to new ideas and they are quick to challenge conventional wisdom. They listen hard and they dig deep for answers, drawing on their people and leveraging talent to create a new future for their organization.

Wes officially became President this year as the company celebrated its 70th anniversary.  His father, Rusty Carter, who heralded remarkable growth in the last 45 years of leading the company, remains on as CEO.

As the newly minted President of a company that has doubled its sales volume over the last decade, expanded into new locations, and added more products and services, Wes is following in his father’s footsteps and positioning Atlantic to become a leading national supplier to major manufacturers, aiming to double revenue to $1 billion over the next decade.

“One of my primary goals is to continue to add to the team of people we have representing Atlantic,” Carter says. “Our success is based on people. My father taught me that.”

Congratulations to Wes Carter for receiving such a high and well-deserved honor and congratulations to the entire Atlantic team for earning a stellar reputation and achieving continued growth year after year.

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