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As the true method of knowledge is experiment, the true faculty of knowing must be the faculty which experiences. ~ William Blake

Atlantic celebrated the Grand Opening of the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte earlier this month.  During the event, we demonstrated the first ever Multi-Axis Transportation System used in the packaging industry.

This system shows how we can test, refine, and validate shipping solutions to eliminate the potential for damaging products in transit.

This level of testing resonated with so many of our customers who have experienced damage and dealt with the consequences – whether it was cost, added time, waste, or a combination of all of these.

The ability to test for damage in a lab environment means they no longer have to make guesses and try at their own packaging solutions.  We can re-create the issue in our facility and find the right packaging to fix it.

Other customers found new ideas to solve existing problems or streamline current processes through demonstrations of our automated and integrated equipment for end-of-pack lines, stretch, shrink, and e-commerce.

What’s so exciting for Atlantic is to work closely with our partners – equipment manufacturers, material innovators and suppliers – to share these solutions with our customers all in one place.  It is truly the future of the packaging world.

We’re grateful to all our customers and vendors who came to Charlotte to tour the Solution Center. It’s your passion and drive that inspired us to build this center and work toward a bright future for the packaging industry.

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