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Atlantic Ranks on the 2017 NC Mid-Market Fast 40 List

We are honored to be included among highly successful businesses in the NC Mid-Market Fast 40. Atlantic ranks #13 on the list, which grades mid-sized North Carolina companies based on revenue and employment growth.

Business North Carolina Magazine and the Cherry Bekaert Group create this list each year to honor local companies for leading the way in revenue and employment growth across NC.

Some of the common threads with these top companies includes success and innovation in technology, automation, and scaling growth.


The internet and the role of new technology in sales and production is a common theme among the top companies. Even if they’re not selling technology-specific products or services, companies across the board are using technology to advance and differentiate themselves. This is how they sell products, reach new markets, and meet consumers where they are in terms of computers and mobile devices.

Atlantic’s patented technology, the MUST Monitor for stretch wrappers, was updated in 2017 from its initial launch 10 years ago.  MUST 2.0 offers our customers a platform to monitor and measure stretch wrap application and for our experts to troubleshoot their systems anytime a pallet is wrapped outside the benchmark settings.

MUST Stretch Wrap Monitoring Technology


The ethics of robotics and job reallocation is a critical one in this time of emerging technology and automation. Companies agree that there’s an urgent need for skilled workers with support for their advancement and are actively developing training programs and providing education opportunities for employees.

For our part, Atlantic works closely with Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, NC near our Tabor City facility to ensure that, together, we’re aligning the right kind of training and eduction for the jobs that are available and needed in the area.

Atlantic’s Packaging Automation Engineer, Mike Christy

Growth and Scale

With fast growing companies, the conversation shifts from how to gain revenue to how to manage growth. Finding a need, filling a gap, and providing valuable expertise in that area is the formula to fuel successful growth.  This is a quality that differentiates these top companies from their competition.  This year, Atlantic launched the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC and now has the first of its kind facility outside the academic field to feature advanced research, testing, and shipping certification.

Packaging Solution Center, Charlotte, NC

These Mid Market Fast 40 NC companies are not just surviving, but are thriving as they expand into new markets and extend their own capabilities by embracing technology, innovation, and investment in the growth of their company and employees.

Thank you to Business North Carolina Magazine and the Cherry Bekaert Group for composing this list and for recognizing contributions from local businesses to revenue and employment growth across NC.

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