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Atlantic is Awarded Wulftec Worldwide Distributor of the Year


With over $8 Million in total Wulftec equipment sales in 2017, Atlantic once again took home the honor of Wulftec Worldwide Distributor of the Year. Wulftec executive leaders, Priscille Tremblay and Guy Lopes, came to Charlotte this week to present Atlantic with the distinguished award.

Atlantic President, Wes Carter, said of the honor: “Thanks to the steadfast leadership of Chip Bennett, our equipment team has once again set the standard for stretch equipment sales. I personally could not be more proud or more excited about Atlantic’s unique position in the stretch packaging space. Our investment in technology, facilities, and, most importantly, our incredibly talented specialists, are what makes these achievements a reality.

“This award is really for Atlantic’s team of equipment specialists: Trec Tisdale, Matt Teague, Mike Christy, Pat Urosek, Nick Ott, Daniel Schroeder, Steve Fuller, Rick Zeitlow, Steve Hunt, and Geoff Gailey. This group is truly the most talented and dedicated the industry has ever seen.”

Congratulations! The future is bright for the Atlantic / Wulftec partnership.

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