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Meeting Retailer Demands for Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability programs, complete with actionable goals and measurable targets, are becoming more mainstream among consumer product manufacturers. This is a great development for the environment while also cutting costs for the manufacturers and aligning better with consumer interests.  These programs are also helping brands meet the sustainability goals of their retailers.

Trends in sustainable packaging have moved from full corrugated cases to tray shrink, pad shrink, and now to shrink bundled products.  These changes overall have had a positive impact on sustainability.

And now, we’re seeing retailers make even more specific demands about the types of packaging they bring into their facilities.  They’re looking to shed excess packaging before the products arrive rather than have their employees remove the extra and dispose of it, adding to waste and lost productivity.

So now we have new challenges in getting unit loads of trays – without shrink – delivered successfully to the retailers. If proper adjustments are not made with how these products are getting stacked, wrapped, and shipped, manufacturers risk product damage and rejected loads, adversely affecting all their great sustainability efforts.

Sustainable packaging does not only mean less packaging.  It means smart packaging.

At the Packaging Solution Center, we can test films, stack patterns, and wrap patterns to verify a solution for your new unit load configurations.  Come see us!  We’ll get you ready to go so you can meet those retailer demands for less packaging without adding product damage to your list of challenges.