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Wexxar BEL505 Washdown Ready Case Packing

If you’re looking to improve your case packing system and efficiency in a way that’s completely setup for a washdown environment, we recommend the Wexxar BEL stainless steel series.

The Wexxar BEL505 G3 Versa Pack is a stainless steel case former that can be paired with the BEL150 semi-automatic stainless steel case sealer to create a multi-station, semi-automatic case former / case erector and pack station.

The BEL505 G3 has a shorter footprint ideal for better ergonomics and case packing efficiency with speeds of up to 15 cases per minute.

It features multiple packing positions with the flexibility to pack from the end of the case as well as either side. You can make simple adjustments to the width on either side of the machine as well as a length adjustment for quick changeovers. Easy-to-follow pictorial instructions for these adjustments are printed right on the machine.

The washdown version of this machine, as featured in the video, eliminates all plated materials. The frame itself is made out of stainless steel along with anodized aluminum or plastic components that can sustain your washdown environment.

The BEL150 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer also has a stainless steel frame. The single arch open design with stainless steel construction gives you easy access for cleaning.

It comes standard with the DEKKA SE 22 or 23 stainless steel tape head with simple controls for the operator to adjust the height of the machine.

To ensure the machine is fully washdown-ready, it has a NEMA 4x motor and gear box electrical package, magnetic starter, and the required secondary mushroom-style stop button.

The rugged construction of the BEL machines features a dual lead screw system that controls the conveyors in and out. In this washdown model, the system is made with stainless steel lead screws, bearings, and chain.

The internal side of the conveyor including the major drive pulleys, bearings, and support components, also has washdown-ready stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum components.

We’ve had great luck with the Wexxar BEL Systems in our customer facilities.  Give us a call to discuss how this can work for you: 910-398-6114 (Mark Bullard)

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