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Spotlight on the Combo Bin Wrapper

Spotlight on the Combo Bin Wrapper

Our team of sales people, consultants, and equipment technicians have been working in protein processing facilities for over 40 years collectively.

When you’re operating in a time of high demand and production, you need a special focus on efficiency.

Our ability to see your operations firsthand, from the equipment you’re using, to your setup, the materials you’re using, and the workflow of your operators and employees, helps us to understand how we can help improve efficiency.  We can see when you’re having to compromise and use workarounds because your equipment or setup isn’t exactly right for what you need.

It was exactly those kinds of observations that led us to design, develop, and build the Combo Wrapper.

When you have a Combo PAC bulk bin that doesn’t exactly fit the area of your pallet, you may have to use excess labor and materials to attempt to successfully contain and protect that bin and the products inside.  This is both inefficient and costly in terms of time, materials, and product protection.  It could also be detrimental to your workers by exposing them to repetitive, non-ergonomic movements.

Atlantic’s Combo Wrapper solves all these issues.  It’s designed to be a simple solution that will meet your exact needs for a semi-automatic stretch wrapper with a small footprint in the size and shape you need to wrap your Combo PAC bulk bins efficiently.

The result is a stretch wrapper that provides consistent load containment with improved product presentation and vastly improved workplace ergonomics.

To learn more about our Combo Wrapper or to find out about our other Poultry Packaging solutions, contact Mark Bullard today at 910-620-7717 or email

Spotlight on the Guardian Taping System

Spotlight on the Guardian Taping System

Taping may seem like one of the more basic functions you perform in your facility. But if you have tape that fails, or a tape head system that fails to apply the tape properly, then you have big problems.  Broken seals lead to broken cases, and broken cases on a pallet can cause multitudes of damage.  This damage costs time, money, and can negatively affect your reputation.

You need tape and an automated taping system you can count on to secure and protect your product. 

This is why Atlantic teamed up with Shurtape, a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and tape heads, to offer our customers the exclusive Guardian Taping System.

This system offers you some game-changing advantages:

Guardian tape uses hot melt adhesive with enhanced wipe-down pressure on the tape head so you get full utilization of this adhesive.

The system uses Folded Edge Technology that folds the edges of the tape along the length of the carton to reduce the possibility of nicks and tears along the tape seal and allows the carton to be opened without a knife.

When you sign on with the Guardian Taping System, you get technical service and preventive service to maintain the performance of the tape heads.

Guardian Taping System


Reduce downtime. Reduce material waste. Increase safety.

Save time. Save money.


With the Guardian Automatic Taping System, you get an innovative sealing system that puts an end to difficult tape roll changeovers that slow production, place unneeded stress on operators and keep lines from running at peak production.

IPPE 2020 Recap

IPPE 2020 Recap

Every year, we attend IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) and we were back this year representing Atlantic with the equipment, materials, service, and the problem-solving expertise we offer to the protein industry.

As we work with our customers year after year, we’ve been able to develop a solid Protein Packaging Program built on quality, reliability, and expertise. This program has had great success in bringing our customers both costs savings and production efficiency.

This program has also brought us closer to our customers and has helped us to better understand their needs. Our service technicians are inside customer plants, installing and troubleshooting packaging equipment to make it work better for their specific operation. Our specialists are there helping to match materials with equipment and to optimize application.

Through all of this, we’re always learning about new challenges our customers are facing as well as new trends in the industry.  This motivates us to bring new ideas and to help them stay ahead of the game.

Our culture at Atlantic is simple. We take care of our customer.

Learn more about Poultry Packaging and our Packaging for the Food Industry.

Visit Atlantic at IPPE 2020 Booth B4551

Visit Atlantic at IPPE 2020 Booth B4551

You’re Invited!


Atlantic Packaging will be showcasing our flexible packaging materials, equipment, and expertise at IPPE 2020.

Find us at Booth B4551.

Protein processors have unique and specific operational needs that extend through all aspects of the packaging operation. Timing, quality, and accountability are critical in dealing with packaging and transporting fresh product. Washdown ready equipment is crucial. And preventing downtime in the plant is necessary to save precious time, money, and resources.

At Atlantic, we bring value to the processing industry through hands-on, in-plant experience for over 40 years (Learn More about our Flexible Packaging Program). We understand the importance of coming through with material orders on time and on-demand. We have experience with the automated equipment you need and the network to get it installed and maintained. Plus, we have a robust technical service program to keep your equipment up and running.

In addition to meeting your specific day-to-day needs, Atlantic is also dedicated to helping you meet your goals to become more operationally efficient. Our salespeople in the protein processing industry are experienced problem solvers, with the ability to test and verify materials and packaging methods at our Packaging Solution Center.

At IPPE 2020 Booth B4551, we’re excited to show you how we can partner with you through every step of your packaging operation. We are your source for combo liners and covers, we provide a variety of films, bags, pouches, labels, cartons, and inserts, and we source, supply, service, and inventory the materials and equipment you need up-to-and-including your truck seals.


Come See Us!

Here’s what you’ll find at our Booth B4551:


  • Combo Liners & Covers
  • Interleaving Sheets & Carrier Board
  • Liner & CVP Bags
  • Strapping
  • Wicket Bags
  • Cook-in & Vacuum Bags
  • Stretch Film
  • Roll Stock, Plain & Printed
  • Folded Cartons & Sleeves
  • Labels, DT, TT, Ribbons, Box End
  • Tape & Tape Heads
  • Truck Seals


  • Wulftec Stretch Wrapper
  • Table Top Printer
  • Combo Bin Wrapper
  • Scale Loader
  • Black Forest VFFS
  • Keymac K201 Sleever
Wexxar WF30 Automatic Case Former

Wexxar WF30 Automatic Case Former


Wexxar’s WF30 case former is known as the most reliable machine of its type for processing environments. They have addressed common failure and jamming points with smart technology to maximize uptime and efficiency.

The WF30T model is a fully automatic, high speed tape sealing case former designed for precision, performance, and reliability. It has easy machine setup and case size change as well as convenient tape roll change.  Wexxar’s patented Pin & Dome system eliminates case jams you see with other machines so that the 30 case/minute rate is consistent and productive.

The WF30 Case Former has a couple new features to make operation, maintenance, and upkeep easier and more convenient. It has a remote start/stop station for operation from the case loading area at the rear of the machine.  And it has a single door (rather than a bi-fold door) for easier and greater access to the internal forming section of the machine.  On-machine instructions walk the operator through changeovers from one size case to another.

Here are some other key performance features of the Wexxar WF30 Case Former:

  • Pin & Dome Case Opening Technology – delivers industry leading control and reliability for high speed case forming
  • Flex Speed and Remote Demand – provides speed ranges which can be catered to each case size or style
  • User-friendly Touch Screen – controls and monitor the machine
  • Fully Interlocked Guard Doors – allow easy and safe machine access during set-up and maintenance
  • Tilt-out Tape Head – allows for quick and easy tape roll changes
  • Tool-less, Color Coded Size Changeover in Under 7 Minutes – with user-friendly on machine pictorial guides

Our customers who have switched to the WF30 case former have seen improvements in uptime and ease-of-use.  If you have questions or want to learn more about this system, please contact Mark Bullard at 910-398-6114.

Wexxar BEL505 Washdown Ready Case Packing

Wexxar BEL505 Washdown Ready Case Packing

If you’re looking to improve your case packing system and efficiency in a way that’s completely setup for a washdown environment, we recommend the Wexxar BEL stainless steel series.

The Wexxar BEL505 G3 Versa Pack is a stainless steel case former that can be paired with the BEL150 semi-automatic stainless steel case sealer to create a multi-station, semi-automatic case former / case erector and pack station.

The BEL505 G3 has a shorter footprint ideal for better ergonomics and case packing efficiency with speeds of up to 15 cases per minute.

It features multiple packing positions with the flexibility to pack from the end of the case as well as either side. You can make simple adjustments to the width on either side of the machine as well as a length adjustment for quick changeovers. Easy-to-follow pictorial instructions for these adjustments are printed right on the machine.

The washdown version of this machine, as featured in the video, eliminates all plated materials. The frame itself is made out of stainless steel along with anodized aluminum or plastic components that can sustain your washdown environment.

The BEL150 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer also has a stainless steel frame. The single arch open design with stainless steel construction gives you easy access for cleaning.

It comes standard with the DEKKA SE 22 or 23 stainless steel tape head with simple controls for the operator to adjust the height of the machine.

To ensure the machine is fully washdown-ready, it has a NEMA 4x motor and gear box electrical package, magnetic starter, and the required secondary mushroom-style stop button.

The rugged construction of the BEL machines features a dual lead screw system that controls the conveyors in and out. In this washdown model, the system is made with stainless steel lead screws, bearings, and chain.

The internal side of the conveyor including the major drive pulleys, bearings, and support components, also has washdown-ready stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum components.

We’ve had great luck with the Wexxar BEL Systems in our customer facilities.  Give us a call to discuss how this can work for you: 910-398-6114 (Mark Bullard)

Interested in automating or upgrading any other equipment?  See our Poultry Equipment Spotlight Series.