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It starts with family.

At WP Rawl Farms, farmers and workers plant, harvest, prepare and deliver products for customers, understanding that it’s their teamwork that makes the whole operation successful.  As individuals and as a company, they are dedicated to quality, freshness, service, and value.

These values come from being a family-owned and operated company with hands-on leadership.

WP Rawl Farms is a South Carolina family farm established in 1925 and committed to providing a variety of fresh, wholesome vegetables with a focus on leafy greens.  They provide fresh, healthy food to their customers all year round with trucks out for delivery 365 days a year.

As their business has expanded over the years, they’ve developed more structured policies in food safety with an emphasis on the quality and integrity of their packaging.  Atlantic has been a partner with WP Rawl Farms through every development and continues to work with them today to ensure the safe, reliable, and excellent packaging and presentation of their products.

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