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Two Steps to Sustainability

One of the top business priorities for our customers is sustainability.  While you each have your own unique sustainability goals and strategies, there are a number of similarities in what you’re looking to achieve.  In the packaging space, you want to know how you can make your primary packaging recyclable or more environmentally friendly.  This includes cartons, pouches, bags, clamshells, bottles, and cans. 

You also want to know how you can make your manufacturing processes and materials used more earth-friendly.  This includes shrink bundling, stretch wrapping, and strapping.  It also includes optimizing logistics to reduce activity around trucking and transit.

At the Packaging Solution Center and with our work in stretch wrapping (see: MUST Stretch Management System), we’ve found a two-step solution to improving sustainability across the board.

1. Make sure that your manufactured goods arrive to the customer safely and securely.  Any damage that occurs in transit leads to lost product, excess waste, more trucking and logistics, re-working orders, and more materials used in the end.  Damaged product is inherently unsustainable.   If we can help you get your products to their destination safely, that’s the most sustainable impact we can have.

2. Optimize the amount of material being used. While we need to apply stretch film to create stable unit loads, we want to do so in the most efficient way possible. We may be able to down gauge, reduce the number of wraps, or apply more film ONLY to the areas where it’s needed on the load.  We’re always looking for the solution with the lowest material usage.

While these steps are complex and themselves involve a number of steps, you can point to these two goals as the centerpiece of a sustainable end-of-the-line packaging solution.

Want to see how you can improve your packaging to become more sustainable?  Schedule a tour of the Packaging Solution Center today.