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Spotlight on the Guardian Taping System

Taping may seem like one of the more basic functions you perform in your facility. But if you have tape that fails, or a tape head system that fails to apply the tape properly, then you have big problems.  Broken seals lead to broken cases, and broken cases on a pallet can cause multitudes of damage.  This damage costs time, money, and can negatively affect your reputation.

You need tape and an automated taping system you can count on to secure and protect your product. 

This is why Atlantic teamed up with Shurtape, a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and tape heads, to offer our customers the exclusive Guardian Taping System.

This system offers you some game-changing advantages:

Guardian tape uses hot melt adhesive with enhanced wipe-down pressure on the tape head so you get full utilization of this adhesive.

The system uses Folded Edge Technology that folds the edges of the tape along the length of the carton to reduce the possibility of nicks and tears along the tape seal and allows the carton to be opened without a knife.

When you sign on with the Guardian Taping System, you get technical service and preventive service to maintain the performance of the tape heads.

Guardian Taping System


Reduce downtime. Reduce material waste. Increase safety.

Save time. Save money.


With the Guardian Automatic Taping System, you get an innovative sealing system that puts an end to difficult tape roll changeovers that slow production, place unneeded stress on operators and keep lines from running at peak production.