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Atlantic Caribbean is giving back to their community in need

The pandemic is causing hard times for people and communities around the globe, especially for vulnerable populations.  The US News and World Report reports that “the Dominican Republic has been the Caribbean nation hardest hit by the pandemic so far” with “more than 8,400 cases of and 350 deaths caused by COVID-19, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University.”*

There is an effort throughout the country to mobilize relief efforts at the local level with the belief that working with a bottom-up approach will more quickly and efficiently bring about the help people need.  With the right measures, this may also help to ease the spread of the virus.

Atlantic Caribbean has been deemed an essential business, engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of key packaging materials for the pharmaceutical, food, and medical devices industries – all critical products and services in the time of COVID-19 worldwide.   As such, Atlantic Caribbean has stayed in operation even as other businesses had to close their doors (See: Free zones company clarifies work with responsibility against Covid-19).

Recognizing that their access to resources could be of help and service to their local community, Atlantic Caribbean got to work addressing immediate needs where they could. They help the church next door to their facility by providing protective supplies including gloves, sanitizer, and masks for the priest and church workers. They provide these supplies for the local police as well, as pictured here.

Atlantic Caribbean Community Service

When a local woman took in vulnerable children in need, even while she had her own real needs as well, Atlantic Caribbean saw how they could help her run her homeschool.  They provide protective supplies to help keep them safe and food to keep them strong and healthy.

Sales Manager and company representative, Yajaira Giron, commented:

“We are working with our community and helping those in more need and who are vulnerable…We are trying to help as much as we can! These are very hard times specially for children and vulnerable people.”

Thank you to everyone at Atlantic Caribbean for stepping in and helping where and when you can.  It makes a real difference for your company, your community, and beyond.

*Source: The Dominican Republic Responds to COVID-19 Locally