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Atlantic’s Film Lab

Atlantic’s Film Lab in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides customers with data-driven solutions that reduce product damage and save money. We provide our partners with thorough testing and hands-on training to ensure stretch films, trash bags, shrink films, and meat packaging films are all up to standard and consistent. Consistency of film is crucial in any business’ packaging process.

John Cook, Atlantic’s Stretch Film Technical Director, explains the importance of finding the right film and wrap pattern at the Film Lab in the video above. John Cook is a polymer chemist who has been innovating polyethylene resins and films since 1973. John’s work at Atlantic brings material knowledge and insight that benefits our customers.

In 2017, Atlantic founded its Film Lab to continue its pursuit of being the most innovative packaging company in the world. Investing in research & development is important because it allows Atlantic to provide its customers with the most innovative packaging solutions. Atlantic preforms a detailed investigation into its clients’ needs to select the best & most relevant films for their specific application to ensure optimal performance and cost savings.