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Atlantic’s Paper Bale Recycling Process

Atlantic Packaging creates a sustainable, closed-loop recycling process by collecting the waste paper from its filter frame die cutting operation at its Tabor City, North Carolina. The waste paper is piled into bales that are sent to domestic paper mills or overseas to emerging markets for recycling. Chad Windham, Atlantic’s General Manager of Tabor City Industrial Converting, explains our recycling process in the video above.

Atlantic is passionate about providing customers with high-quality filter frames and can produce nearly any design a business needs, whether that involves standard tooling or complex die cuts. With decades of developing plates for air filter frames, Atlantic has a selection of sizings that makes it easy, convenient, and economical for any order.

When creating filter frames for our partners, a large portion of the paper is cut out and discarded. Atlantic gives this discarded paper a second life by sending it off for recycling. The recycling facilities can then send the repurposed paper back to Atlantic or other companies creating a closed loop.

Atlantic Packaging is proud to do its part in creating a more sustainable world through all of its recycling initiatives.