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Mackie and the MUST Quality Control Team Save Your Business Money



Mackie and the MUST Quality Control Team ensure our customers’ stretch wrapping programs are standardized, consistent, and precise.

A quick, but detailed, inspection of your facility’s machines, films, and processes allows our experts to provide you with long-term savings. Our Quality Control Team develops strong relationships with operators and plant personnel in addition to setting goals and expectations.

Mackie and his team then optimize the stretch wrapping program by adjusting the type of film used, wrapper settings, wrap patterns, and machine parts while providing recommendations on process improvements. Atlantic provides its partners with tailored documents for their stretch wrapping procedures and in-plant training to ensure the quality of any business’ unique stretch wrapping program. Optimization is critical to improving the productivity of every line!

Mackie and the MUST team are constantly working behind the scenes utilizing MUST’s monitoring software and real-time data to ensure every load is wrapped to the correct standard every time. Atlantic will alert you when we detect severe deviations from your benchmark standards and work with you to identify and fix the issue. MUST allows both the customer and Atlantic’s specialists to view current and historical data on every load wrapped from every wrapper monitored. MUST also provides actionable data and insightful alerts delivered straight to your inbox, so your business can increase performance, prevent damage, save money, and meet its sustainability goals.

Mackie is passionate about the mentorship aspect of his role leading the MUST Quality Control Team. While at Clemson, he worked under Dabo Swinney, and he attributes this to part of his success as a mentor. Mackie works tirelessly to advise, train, and bring out the full potential of his team.

The MUST Management System is the fastest growing stretch film program in the industry. Mackie and his team helped Atlantic customers reduce their stretch film usage by over 30 Million Pounds in 2021 while saving more them more than $50 Million.

Atlantic will soon be introducing the first Closed Loop System for stretch film. This team will be integral in working with Atlantic’s MUST customers to effectively manage the process to ensure we continue to reduce plastic packaging waste without compromising the delivered quality of their products.

One of the most notable projects that Mackie spearheaded was for a beverage conglomerate in one of its Texas facilities. The organization was using too much stretch film and not stretching the film tight enough around their pallets causing it to have the most load failures out of any other plant in the company.

After 4 strenuous weeks in the summer heat, Mackie and his team were able to install MUST systems on their wrappers, optimize the wrappers, and train the plant personnel in using MUST. This took the facility from the worst-performing plant in the company to near 0 load failures and 25% cost savings!

They truly bought into the MUST program and have since been one of the best performing plants Atlantic monitors.

As the MUST program spreads and countless clients adopt a data-driven approach to their stretch film programs, Mackie and his team of specialists will be behind the scenes ensuring that businesses become more efficient, eliminate unnecessary film application, save money, and meet their sustainability goals.