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The Guardian Taping System: High-End Taping Solutions for High-Preforming Businesses

The Guardian Taping System automatically and optimally applies the perfect amount of high-quality tape to every package that comes down the production line.

The program saves you money through reduction of…
• Material Usage and Waste
• Downtime
• Damage
• Manual Rework
• Carbon Emissions

Reduce Material Usage & Waste
• Decrease tape usage by 10-20%.
• Use the entire roll of tape because it’s good to the core.
• See a 2-3% increase in overall equipment effectiveness when switching to Guardian.

Reduce Downtime
• Optimize your tape application to keep production moving.
• Minimize application defects, tape jams, and tape roll changeovers.

Reduce Damage
• Folded Edge® Technology strengthens the overall seal on the package and reduces the chance of tears along tape edges.
• Extreme wipe-down pressure ensures consistent and even sealing every time.
• Guardian tape provides content security with seals that withstand robotic palletizers and shipping.

Reduce Manual Rework
• You won’t have to waste time reworking improperly taped cases or clearing tape jams.

Reduce Carbon Emissions
• Preventing damage is crucial to sustainability. Broken products can’t sell and waste resources!
• Using high-quality tape means you use less tape overall.
• Expertly sealed packages decrease the need for return logistics.

How is the Guardian Taping System Able to Do All of This?

Folded Edge® Technology
Guardian’s patented Folded Edge® Technology optimally applies high-quality tape across the length of a package. The system ensures that tape folds perfectly over the edges of the box. This strengthens the overall seal of the parcel, reduces the chance of nicks and tears along the tape’s seal, and allows the carton to be opened without a knife or boxcutter.

Wipe-Down Pressure
The system’s multiple wipe-down applicators ensure a consistent and even seal that is over 75% stronger than our competitors. Extreme wipe-down force allows the tape’s adhesive to integrate deeply into corrugated boxes’ fibers to create tamper-evident seals on every carton.

Installation and Ongoing Service
The Guardian Taping System can be retrofitted to virtually any case sealer. Retrofitting is a quick, inexpensive way to update an older system. If you’re lacking a case sealing system all together, our technicians are always happy to install those too!

Our technicians enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our partners. We provide preventative maintenance on tape heads, wear parts on tape application devices as part of your contract, and ongoing service to ensure you’re up and running at optimal performance.

High-Performance Tapes
Guardian tape dispenses with hot-melt adhesive. This allows the tape to stick quickly for faster line speeds. As the tape unwinds from your system, its automatic tension control reduces breaks and provides ideal shear strength.

Show Your Commitment to Sustainability
Decreasing material usage and product damage means fewer carbon emissions!

The Guardian system uses the perfect amount of high-quality tape every seal. By applying better tape optimally, you use less tape overall.

Broken products can’t be sold and are a waste of resources. Protect your products and your brand’s image by minimizing product damage.

Guardian also eliminates manual taping rework and the need for return logistics with its automated precision and strength!