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SC Biz Magazine Names Wes Carter as One of the Most Influential People in South Carolina


Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter is one of the most influential business leaders in the state of South Carolina.

SC Biz Magazine, a publication released every two months by SC Biz News, debuted their inaugural list of the 50 Most Influential People from across the state of South Carolina.

The list was curated by the SC Biz News editorial staff and consists of influential leaders from a wide array of industries.

Each influencer interviewed was asked two questions: “What is South Carolina’s biggest strength?” and “What is its biggest challenge?”

Many insightful answers were presented, and we highly recommend checking out the full article for some inspiring and thought-provoking wisdom.

Wes’ interview focused heavily on his aspirations of working toward a supply chain that isn’t harmful to the environment.

“We must invest in statewide infrastructure which is lacking today – we have one of the lowest recycling rates in the country, for instance,” says Wes. “We must upgrade to high-tech recycling centers, deploy industrial composting, consider a statewide beverage container return system and packaging EPR legislation to secure waste materials as valuable resources, and create tax incentives for businesses to invest in circularity. The problems of pollution, litter, and contamination won’t fix themselves. It is our responsibility as businesses and citizens.”

You can read Wes’ full interview on page 27 of SC Biz Magazine’s November/December 2023 Issue.